Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jana's Birthday Book Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to Me!

November 5th is my birthday, but you get the gifts! Several of my author friends are helping me to celebrate my birthday by offering to give away their ebooks. We'll have over 30 ebooks up for grabs!

Right here on this blog, starting at 9 am and continuing every hour until about 7 pm CST on November 5, a new post describing the ebooks on offer will go up. Each post will have a Rafflecopter attached that will allow you to enter the draw for the ebooks. Simply like or follow the authors, or comment on the post for your chance to win one of the ebooks. It's as simple as that. Easy peasy!

On offer will be a variety of romance genres, including everything from romantic suspense to contemporary romance, and Historical romance to fantasy/paranormal. Every heat level from sweet to sizzling hot will be featured. There's sure to be an ebook for every taste!

As a special surprise treat, Mary Balogh, Regency romance writer extraordinaire, has graciously offered to give away an autographed print copy of her new November release, ONLY ENCHANTING! How exciting!

All Rafflecopter draws will be made after 6 pm CST on November 6 to give readers outside of North America (unless stated otherwise) the chance to enter the fun. 

So join us for the fun! In no particular order, here's a list of authors helping me to celebrate:

A.J. Nuest -

Andrea Downing -

Heather McCollum -

Ilona Fridl -

Inez Kelley -

Christy Effinger -

J.C. McKenzie -

Kayelle Allen -

 Lesley Anne McLeod -

Jana Richards - 

Join me on November 5 here on this blog!


  1. Happy birthday, Jana! I hope your day rocks more than a seesaw. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much, Kayelle! This birthday has been great so far! And thank you for being part of the giveaway.

  2. WOO HOO! Happy birthday, Jana. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mary Balogh in Chicago (I wasn't shy because I didn't recognize her, and then my knees turned to mush when I realized I was in the presence of royalty). Your name came up, of course, because we prairie girls have got to stick together.

    1. Thank you Sherry! Mary Balogh is the nicest, most generous person ever. And I love her books! I'm so grateful to have her offer her newest release ONLY ENCHANTING for the giveaway. From one prairie girl to another, have a great day!