Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday with The Girl Most Likely

Happy Sunday! Today I'm featuring my contemporary romance THE GIRL MOST LIKELY on Sneak Peek Sunday. Here's the blurb:

Cara McLeod, the girl most likely to have the perfect marriage, is now divorced and, in her own words, “fat, frumpy, and over forty.” The thought of facing former classmates—and the ex-husband who dumped her—at her high school reunion terrifies her. Cajoled into attending by her kids and her best friend, Cara enlists help at the gym to lose weight and look great for the reunion. Personal Trainer Finn Cooper is more than willing to help—but does he have to be so to-die-for gorgeous?
Finn thinks Cara is perfect just the way she is. She’s everything he wants in a woman, except for one thing—she can’t get past the fact that he's eight years younger. To Finn, age and weight are just numbers. But can he convince Cara the numbers she worries about add up to only one thing for him—love?
And here's my six paragraphs:

“I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re an amazing woman, Cara.” 

Cara caught his hand and held it. Finn’s unshakeable belief in her was truly humbling. “I don’t know why you have so much faith in me, but thank you.”

His free hand gently traced the contours of her face as he looked into her eyes. “It’s easy to have faith in you, sweetheart.”

He lowered his face, his lips touching hers with inexorable sweetness. Cara could have cried, or maybe sang, with joy. She loved the way he tasted, the way he held her, even the way he smelled. She wanted to bury her face in his neck and drink in the sweaty, male scent of him. She wanted to go on tasting him, holding him, touching him forever.

She broke the kiss abruptly, frightened by her thoughts. What was she doing? The last time she checked she was still eight years older than Finn.

Old enough to know better.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

FLAWLESS at #MySexySaturday

Happy Saturday! Today I've got five paragraphs from my World War II romantic suspense FLAWLESS.
Here's the blurb:

Resistance fighter Madeleine Bertrand’s  husband died when he was betrayed by Hunter Smith. How can she now pretend to be married to the arrogant American? How can she betray Jean Philippe’s memory by her passionate response to Hunter’s kisses? Neither is prepared for the maelstrom of attraction that erupts between them. To survive they must uncover the mysteries of the past and conquer the dangers of the present. But first Madeleine must decide if her loyalties lie with her dead husband and the Resistance or with the greatest love of her life.

And here's my five paragraphs:

“They’re watching us. Kiss me.”


“Kiss me like a wife madly in love with her husband.”

His expression gave no hint of his feelings. Madeleine’s heart rate accelerated as she stared into
his eyes. She stepped into his embrace. Hunter’s arms closed around her, trapping her in a cocoon of warmth. His lips sought hers, tentative at first, and then when she opened her mouth and touched her tongue to his lips, he moaned, deepening the kiss, his tongue mating with hers. She pushed herself closer and felt his arousal against her belly. Madeleine’s hand clutched at his jacket, his shirt. She wanted to feel his skin against hers, wanted him inside her…

The hoots and catcalls of the other gardeners brought them both back to the present. Hunter broke the kiss, loosening his hold and putting a bit of distance between them, though his arms still held her. The look on his face told Madeleine that the kiss had shaken him as much as it had shaken her. She’d never lost control in public like that before. She’d loved Jean Philippe with all her heart, but he had never made her want to strip off all her clothes and have sex in front of anyone who cared to watch. God help her, if Hunter hadn’t stopped, she wouldn’t have had the strength.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Sexy Saturday with THERE GOES THE GROOM

It's great to be back at My Sexy Saturday! Today I have a snippet from my humorous contemporary romance, THERE GOES THE GROOM. Here's the blurb:
Eight years ago Tony left Olivia at the altar. He was sure she didn't really want to marry him. Now he's back, and they're forced to work together.
Coming home isn't easy for Tony, because his father wanted him to work at a trade instead of going off to college. Their relationship is still unsteady. Even before Tony's return, Olivia began questioning the depth of her love for her fiancé, a man she chose because he was safe and reliable. Yet the last thing she wants is a loveless, faithless marriage like the one her parents suffered through. 
When Tony, who never stopped loving her, insists her fiancé is the wrong man for her, Olivia sets out to prove him wrong. But the sexual chemistry between them is still strong, and so are her feelings for him. Even so, how can she break her engagement, hurt her fiancé as she was once hurt? And how can she trust Tony not to abandon her as he did before?
If anyone does the jilting this time, she will. 

And here's seven paragraphs from THERE GOES THE GROOM:
Tony stood with his arms around Olivia, his hands splayed across her breasts, her abdomen. His arousal pushed against her soft backside. Her head was thrown back against his shoulder, leaving her neck exposed to the sweet assault of his mouth. Her hands rested on top of his, urging him to touch, to explore.
“Remember, Olivia?  Remember what it was like between us? Does Stuart make you feel like this? Does he make you beg for more, make you wet with wanting?”
Olivia went completely still in his arms.
“When you make love with him, do you think of me?”
She pushed herself out of his arms, her hair tousled, her face flushed. She looked like a woman who’d just been made love to, thoroughly and satisfyingly. 
            Olivia soon regained her equilibrium. She took a pillow from the sofa and threw it at him. Her face was flushed red with anger. “Get out!”

            Tony grinned, catching the pillow and tossing it back on the sofa. “That’s very interesting. I think Freud would say you wouldn’t be so angry if you didn’t still have feelings for me.”

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