Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carnivalesque: The Traveling Blog Show is Back!

After a summer break in which many of us took the opportunity to read "Jane Eyre", the ladies of Carnivalesque: The Traveling Blog Show are back. Next weekend, some members of our writing group, The Saskatchewan Romance Writers, will be attending an event in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan called Word on the Street, a book and magazine festival celebrating reading and advocating for literacy. And of course, when thinking about attending an event, a writer's thoughts turn to what to wear. For our first week back, Joanne Brothwell posed this question:

With Word On The Street (a book and magazine festival) this weekend, I've been thinking about what to wear. Do you think it's important as an author attending public events to dress in a way that reflects their platform? If yes, what does that mean for you?
We'd love you to weigh in on this question. Please join us at Joanne Brothwell's blog and don't forget to wear your Sunday best!

Your hosts:
Joanne Brothwell
Karyn Good
Hayley E. Lavik
Jana Richards
and Janet Corcoran, who is away on holidays in Scotland, the lucky dog!