Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Round 2 - A Visit to Lobster Cove, Maine

I'm excited to offer a taste of a new series from The Wild Rose Press. Lobster Cove is a sleepy little coastal town on Mount Desert Island in Maine. But all kinds of strange and wonderful things happen there! The two contributions to the series featured here happen to be of a paranormal/fantasy nature, but the series features books of varying lengths in all romance genres. To date we have contemporary romance, suspense, historical and of course, paranormal/fantasy. My own contribution to the series is called ONE MORE SECOND CHANCE. It's a full-length contemporary romance and will be released in the near future. Here's a blurb:

Dr. Alex Campbell has an agenda —finish his contract to provide medical services in Maine, pay off his medical school debt, and head back to his real life in San Diego. But when he meets Julia Stewart, all his carefully laid plans are put in jeopardy.
Julia Stewart, Lobster Cove’s high school principal, swears she’ll never let another man drag her away from the home she loves. Her aging parents need her, and the Cove is where she wants to raise her daughter. When her mother’s illness brings her and the big city doctor closer together, panic sets in. Her marriage taught her that men don’t stay. Can she put aside the heartaches of the past and trust Alex enough to accept the love he’s offering? Or will her fear of abandonment mean she’ll send him away forever?
Here's two great offerings from the Lobster Cove series. You're going to love them!

A Ghost of a Clue by Debra Doggett

Rory DuMont has had enough of hiding the fact that she sees ghosts. Lobster Cove is a new start and she's determined to shed the mistakes of the past. If that means she ends up alone then so be it. What she can't seem to shed is Travis Reed, Lobster Cove's resident skeptic and biology teacher. Sparks fly when the skeptic and the psychic find themselves alone together but the sparks turn into flames when a ghost takes a personal interest in them.

Length: Novella

Heat Level: Spicy

Amazon Author Page

The Shucker's Boutique by J.C. McKenzie

After her fiancé dumps her and her beloved Aunt Jenny goes missing, Willa Eklund travels to Lobster Cove with a broken heart to search for Jenny while running her bookstore. When a mysterious man visits the Shucker's Booktique on a stormy night drenched in rain and covered in mud, Willa's heart melts under his stormy gaze. She wants Lon and the answers he may have, but he also has a secret. Can Willa trust him?

 Lon Devlin is a Tempest, a water sprite who can only take a human form during stormy nights. He rides the waves, lives by the tides, and nothing can hold him down, not even a beautiful woman. When he visits his mortal friend, he discovers she's missing and her intriguing niece has taken her place. He wants Willa, but he also wants answers. What happened to Jenny?

The Wild Rose Press Buy Link          Length: Short story

J.C. McKenzie's website                    Heat level: Spicy

To give you an idea what all the ebooks in the giveaway are like, I've given some guidelines about the heat level and length of each ebook. In explanation:

Sweet - No fully described sex scenes. If sex occurs, it happens behind closed doors.
Spicy - One or more sex scene. PG13.
Sizzling hot - Fully described sex scenes using frank language.

This is the way I'm describing the length of the books:
Full-length - over 50,000 words
Novella - between 5,000 and 49,999 words
Short Story - under 5,000 words

Next up in one hour: something special from Regency Historical author Mary Balogh!

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  1. Haven't read them yet. New Author for me.. They look really good.

    1. Thanks! I hope you check them out. All of the Lobster Cove books look great.

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    Mary M.

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