Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In Winnipeg at Christmas

This poem was written by a British lady named Rose Fyleman who was visiting Winnipeg in the 1930s. A friend took her around town to see the sights; the Fort Garry Hotel for tea, the statue of Queen Victoria in the park, the policemen wearing their buffalo hide coats. And she was enchanted with it all. This poem always reminds me to quit complaining about the snow and the cold and the shoveling and to just enjoy the beauty of the season. Merry Christmas everyone!

In Winnipeg at Christmas

In Winnipeg at Christmas there's lots and lots of snow,
Very clean, and crisp and hard
And glittering like a Christmas card
Everywhere you go;
Snow upon the housetops, snow along the street,
And Queen Victoria in her chair
Has snow upon her stony hair
And snow upon her feet.
In Winnipeg at Christmas they line the streets with trees-
Christmas trees lit up at night
With little balls of coloured light
As pretty as you please.
The people hurry past you in furry boots and wraps;
The sleighs are like a picture book,
And all the big policemen look
Like Teddy Bears in caps.
And oh! The smiling ladies and jolly girls and boys;
And oh! The parties and the fun
With lovely things for everyone-
Books and sweets and toys.
So, if someday at Christmas you don't know where to go,
Just pack your boxes up I beg,
And start at once for Winnipeg;
You'll like it there I know.

- Rose Fyleman

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Naughty and Nice Blog Hop!

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and participating in the Naughty and Nice Blog Hop! The Grand Prize Is A Kindle Fire HDX 7” plus books to go on the winner's new Kindle! In addition, there will be prizes of ebooks at various participating blogs. Winners of items that need to be shipped (such as the Kindle) must reside in the US or Canada to be eligible, but anyone anywhere can win an ebook. Check it out here:

There are four ways to enter the grand prize giveaway: Leaving a comment on this post, following my blog, liking me on Facebook, or following on Twitter. You don't have to do all four, but they increase your chances of winning. Once you have followed or liked, let us know in the comment box below so you are eligible to win!
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I'm in the nice category with a trio of spicy novels about getting left at the altar, living through the humiliation and learning to trust in love again. I want to tell you about my three heroines from this series and their feelings about the holiday season.

Just like me, my characters from my Left at the Altar series love Christmas. Sarah Stevens, from HER BEST MAN, decorates her tree by December 1 every year. Every year she visits craft fairs to buy unique, handcrafted ornaments and decorations. Each ornament on her tree means something to her. There’s the little lady dressed in a ball gown made with pink and white beads that reminds her how much she loved to dance as a child, how much she still loves to dance. She loves the Christmas ornaments made from egg cartons, pipe cleaners and glitter that her grandmother made when she lived in the nursing home. They may be tacky but she'll never throw them out. Then there there’s shepherd she made in a long ago ceramics class that makes her smile every Christmas when she unwraps it. Luckily for her, she meets someone who understands how important traditions are to her. 
Olivia Taylor from THERE GOES THE GROOM was an only child and her parents’ marriage was strained. So Christmas at her house was often a quiet, tense day when she was a little girl. When she met Tony at the age of eighteen, everything in her life changed, including the way she felt about the holidays. She was introduced to his large, boisterous, loving family, and Christmas became a time of family and food and fun. She loved it. She loved shopping for gifts, baking Christmas cookies, and going to Christmas mass with Tony’s parents, brothers and his sister Dani. But when Tony left Olivia at the altar, she not only lost the love of her life, she lost a loving family, and a beautiful Christmas celebration. She became determined to create her own happy Christmases, even if Tony was no longer in her life. During the eight years she was separated from him, she made new traditions for herself, like volunteering at a soup kitchen and delivering Christmas hampers to needy families. The memory of those wonderful Christmases with the Dipietros inspired her to be a better person.

Dani Dipietro from ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID was raised in a large Italian family with six older brothers. Christmas was a big deal in her family. When she was a child, her mother baked and cooked for weeks before Christmas for the endless stream of guests – extended family, friends and neighbors – who visited over the holidays. Dani loved it. She loved getting together with family, and being with friends. Christmas was perfect, except for one thing – the eating. Dani loved to eat as much as she loved Christmas. By the time she was eighteen, she was fifty pounds overweight. The only boys she seemed to attract were ones who wanted to take advantage of her in some way. She was afraid she’d never find the kind of loving relationship her parents had. Fast forward ten years. Tired of the way she looks, she decides some drastic action is in order. And when she least expects it,
love walks into her life.

Before you go on your merry way to the next blog, I hope you'll take time to enter my contest. For your chance to win an e-copy of the second book in the series, THERE GOES THE GROOM, answer at least one of the questions here, based on the blurbs and excerpts on my website - just click the title to go there. You'll get one entry for each answer. Email your answers to me at  BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! I'll choose one winner at random on December 17. Here are the questions:

1. In the excerpt from ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, what does Zach do when Dani arrives at the house?

2. In HER BEST MAN, where does Sarah go after she gets dumped at the altar?

3. What is Olivia's fiance's name in THERE GOES THE GROOM?

You can also enter my contest by leaving a comment and telling me your favorite thing to do over the holidays. Email me with your answer at  but be sure to leave an email address! Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Days of Christmas at The Wild Rose Press

My family's Christmas food traditions are featured today at The Wild Rose Press Blog. "Christmas Eats" is about my food memories of Christmas, and happy childhood memories. I hope you'll join me!

And while you're there, enter the draw to win a $25 TWRP gift certificate. Every day from December 1 to Christmas Day, December 25, someone will win a $25 TWRP gift certificate in a Rafflecopter draw. Enter often for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, December 2, 2013

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