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Coming Soon! My #NewRelease STRONG ENOUGH

Mark your calendars! STRONG ENOUGH releases June 22, 2022! I'm so excited to show off the beautiful cover for STRONG ENOUGH, book four in the Masonville small town romance series. Here it is!

Love can make you stronger, if you let it.

Charlotte Saunders has a full life—a rewarding career as a nurse, meaningful volunteer work at a dog shelter, and family, friends and pets she adores. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the horrible event that’s haunted her for ten years.

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Damon Greyson now helps others who have suffered trauma. His experience and intuition alert him to trouble in Charlotte’s past, and he wants to help her, if only she’d let him.

As they work together to help veterans suffering from PTSD and neglected dogs needing loving homes, their feelings for each other deepen. But when the trauma from Charlotte’s past roars back to life, both are forced to confront their painful histories—or die trying.


She looked away. “I’m sorry. I hate women who use tears to get what

they want. It’s just that yesterday the shelter had to put down some

dogs. There was this one old dog, Shep….” She shook her head,

 unable to finish.

He squeezed her elbow before letting her go. “I’m sorry, Charlotte.”

She nodded and again Damon sensed her vulnerability. Charlotte

tried to give off an aura of strength. She was the caregiving nurse,

 the person others looked to for help. But who helped Charlotte?

After a few breaths, she straightened her shoulders and faced him,

her composure once more back in place. “How long do you think it

will be?”

“You mean until the retreat is up and running?” When she nodded, he

blew out a breath. “I don’t know. My building’s in worse shape than

I first thought.”

“If there’s anything I can do to speed up the process, let me know.”

“You know anything about unplugging sewer lines?”

She made a face. “You’re on your own, Greyson.”

Don’t I know it. “Hey, you asked. From now on I’ll only request your

help when it comes to dogs.”

She chuckled. “Good plan.”

This time Charlotte’s smile was genuine, and for a moment Damon

couldn’t breathe. He found himself wondering what it would be like

to have the full force of her smile directed at him on a regular basis,

and to know there was real affection for him behind the smile. The

longing he experienced at that thought shocked him.

Better not to allow such thoughts to take root. Despite all the work

he’d done over the years to overcome the harm done to him in the

past, he still had questions. Would it ever be possible for him to have

a normal, loving, long-term relationship with a woman? So far, the

longest relationship he’d had lasted only six months.

Maybe he’d always be damaged goods.

STRONG ENOUGH releases June 22, 2022, but you can order it now from Amazon at the special pre-order price!

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Simon Scarrow's WW2 Thriller: BLACKOUT - #NewRelease

 I'm participating in Simon Scarrow's blog tour with Silver Dagger Tours. I love mysteries and I love WW2 stories, so BLACKOUT sounds like it's right up my alley. Make sure to enter Simon's giveaway!



by Simon Scarrow

Genre: Historical WWII Thriller 

During Berlin’s brutally cold winter of 1939, a serial killer stalks the city throughout the Third Reich’s forced nightly blackouts in this chilling WWII crime novel from #1 Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Scarrowperfect for fans of Babylon Berlin, Philip Kerr’s Berlin Trilogy, Robert Ludlum, Andrew Gross, and William Christie . . .

Berlin 1939. The city is blanketed by snow and ice. In the distance, the rumble of war grows louder. In the shadows, a serial killer rises . . .

As the Nazis tighten their chokehold on the capital, panic and paranoia fester as blackout is rigidly enforced. Every night the city is plunged into an oppressive, suffocating darkness—pitch perfect conditions for unspeakable acts.
When a young woman is found brutally murdered, it’s up to Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke to solve the case quickly. His reputation is already on the line for his failure to join the Nazi Party. If he doesn’t solve the case, the consequences could be fatal. 
Schenke's worst fears are confirmed when a second victim is found. As the investigation takes him deeper into the regime’s darkest corridors, Schenke realizes danger lurks behind every corner—and that the warring factions of the Reich can be as deadly as a killer stalking the streets . . .

That line between right and wrong gets pretty smudged in this gem of a story. Atmosphere, sharp intrigue, and a host of fascinating characters all combine to make this one the next addition to your keeper shelf."
—Steve Berry, 
New York Times bestselling author

“Mesmerising. Nail-biting. Unputdownable. Utterly authentic and beautifully written.”
—Damien Lewis, internationally bestselling author

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Simon Scarrow’s passion for writing began at an early age. After a childhood spent travelling the world, he pursued his great love of history as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. His Roman soldier heroes Cato and Macro made their debut in 2000 in UNDER THE EAGLE, and have subsequently appeared in many bestsellers in the Eagles of the Empire series, including CENTURION, THE GLADIATOR and THE BLOOD OF ROME. Simon’s latest books, BLACKOUT and THE EMPEROR’S EXILE, are out now.

 Simon is also the author of the novels YOUNG BLOODS, THE GENERALS, FIRE AND SWORD and THE FIELDS OF DEATH, chronicling the lives of the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, and of SWORD & SCIMITAR, the epic tale of the 1565 Siege of Malta, and HEARTS OF STONE, set in Greece during the Second World War.

 Simon has also co-written with T. J. Andrews three bestselling novels set in the Roman era, ARENA, INVADER and PIRATA.

 Writing with Lee Francis, Simon is the author of the contemporary thriller PLAYING WITH DEATH.

 Simon lives in Norfolk.

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Blog Tour: MURDER UNDETECTED by Roxanne Dunn

I'm happy to be a part of Roxanne Dunn's blog tour celebrating MURDER UNDETECTED and MURDER UNREHEARSHED. Don't forget to enter Roxanne's giveaway. She has an Amazon gift card and books on offer. Welcome Roxanne!


Murder Undetected

by Roxanne Dunn

Genre: Mystery, Suspense 

The moment psychologist Brittany Ann Thornton thinks she has her life all dialed in, her perfect little family falls apart and the FBI seizes all her assets. Trouble follows her from Seattle to Paris to the south of France.

Viane Thibaudet, darling of a quaint hilltop town in Provence, has been getting away with murder. But when she attempts to poison her husband, Brittany steps up to stop her.

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“The rumor flying around Chevalier is that you tried to blackmail Viane. I know you’re a little crazy.” Arielle winked. “But not that nuts.”

“Actually, I did.”

Arielle’s eyebrows shot up. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. I hoped if I could get hush money from her it would be tantamount to an admission of guilt, something I could take to the gendarmes.”

“That’s brilliant. So, now the whole town thinks you pushed her down the stairs because she refused to pay you.”

“They’re wrong. I didn’t push her. I kicked her.”

“Brittany Ann Thornton, where are your manners?”

Britt allowed herself a small smirk of satisfaction. “It’s okay. She pushed me first. After she drugged me with heroin and hit me with a ginormous frying pan. Then she was going to finish me off with a syringe full of nicotine.”

Murder Unrehearsed

by Roxanne Dunn

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

When aspiring young actress Heather Shelton jumps in the car with her dog, Bear, and flees to her family's mountain cabin to escape an untidy romance, all she wants is peace and time to study for auditions. What she gets is murder. The only witness of a savage killing—and squarely in the cross-hairs of a ruthless assassin—she is injured and left for dead.

Heather knows handsome men are bad news, but hottie lawman Matt McCrae's smile gets her every time, until he leaves her hanging out as bait to trap the killer. McCrae promises to protect her, but fails, and she faces the killer alone, with only Bear to help.

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What to expect in the future:

I’m working on my third novel, Murder Richly Deserved. The story came to me out of nowhere. One morning I woke up and the basic plot was right there in my head, waiting for me to start writing it down. The main character told me her name was Chloe Eugenie Duval, and in her own distinctive voice, introduced me to Honoré St. Lazarre, the enigma who is both her lover and her rival. It’s set in my favorite city, Paris, France, and is a great reason to hop on a plane and do a little more research.

I also write the galley column for Pacific Yachting Magazine. It includes a short personal essay and a recipe suitable for on-board cooking. And I’ve recently begun writing for the Wild Orca website, which is devoted to the endangered orcas in the Pacific Northwest. I’m hoping to see some of my work soon at

Recently, I ran into an old boyfriend “You’re looking good,” he said, pulling me in for a hug.

I started to smile and say “thanks.”

“… for an old broad.”

Ah, well, being an old broad isn’t all that bad. Instead of rushing off to work each morning, I take my coffee out to my flower garden and plot.

Right now, I’m working on my third novel. Chloe Eugenie Duval finances her Paris apartment and extravagant lifestyle by picking up diamonds and other baubles left lying around by careless owners. I won’t be surprised if a body turns up soon.

When not writing, I’m trying to help save the endangered Pacific Northwest killer whales. And I cook, clean, garden, do yoga, text my grandchildren, update my website, phone my aunts, teach my husband how to make pie crust, and make sure I have clean underwear. My life is rich and full.

To quote essayist John Burroughs, “I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, and all the friends I want to see.”

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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Judith Sterling: #NewRelease - THE SPEAR ALIGHT

 I'm welcoming Judith Sterling today on the occasion of the release of her new book, THE SPEAR ALIGHT, book four in the Guardians of Erin series. Make sure you enter Judith's giveaway of a $20 Amazon gift card. Welcome Judith!


The Spear Alight

The Guardians of Erin Book Four

by Judith Sterling

Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal 

Ashling Donoghue has almost lost hope of finding her missing parents. As her faith wanes, her love for two men waxes, rending her heart and causing friction in the Breasal household. The time has come to make a choice, to create a future untarnished by doubt. But how can she embrace the light when lured by the soft seduction of shadow? 

At last, her brother Conall channels the Spear of Illumination. He's a natural shapeshifter, and he sees through illusions in both the material world and the Otherworld…not a moment too soon. An ancient evil has surfaced, and it threatens all worlds.

Only the Donoghues can save Ireland. They must face their greatest fears and act as one to fulfill their destinies as guardians of Erin.

All aspiration toward sleep left me. I needed company. Now.


Bad idea. Far worse than waking up my sister. But he wouldn’t judge. In fact, he’d probably be glad to see me. Me, Ashling Donoghue, pariah and maven of mistakes. I’d made a million of them. What was one more?

I imagined the interior of Lorcan’s tent at Dun Aengus on Inishmore. Then I flexed my will and was there, surrounded by rich colors, sumptuous fabrics, and perforated hanging lanterns. The intricately patterned Persian carpet felt soft and soothing to my bare feet.

Was he in bed? There was one safe way to find out. “Lorcan? Are you here?”

“Ashling?” His silken voice, warm and rousing, flowed from the bedroom and washed over me.

“Yes. It’s me.”

A heartbeat later, he appeared between the drawn, red curtains that separated his bed from the main section of the tent. He wore a black velvet dressing gown and an expression of mingled surprise and pleasure. With relaxed strides, he closed the gap between us. “You’re the last person I expected to see tonight.” His heated gaze roamed over me.

Too late, I realized I was wearing a thin, white night shirt that refused to cover anything below my upper thighs. I grabbed the hem on both sides and pulled downward…in vain. “I never planned to come.”

“Why did you?” His shoulder-length black hair looked as luxurious as his robe. I stifled the urge to touch both.

“I needed a friend.”

“Haven’t we traveled beyond the bounds of friendship?”

My stomach trembled at the memory of our passionate kiss. Stop it! I huffed. “That never should’ve happened.”

“But it did, because it had to.” His ice blue eyes held my gaze. “You belong to me. We belong to each other.”

“Aengus would disagree.”

“If he were here, but he isn’t.” He reached for my left hand and turned it over. Gently, he caressed my palm with the pad of his thumb.

“You have an answer for everything, don’t you?” My palm tingled.

“You are the answer. Nothing and no one else.”

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The Sword Unsheathed

Guardians of Erin, Book Three

Ashling Donoghue is no closer to finding her parents than she was the night they disappeared. But hope returns as her brother Kian channels the Sword of Light, revealing past-life secrets and truths long suppressed.

The more she learns, the greater she fears the darkness that drowns the Netherworld also drives her. Is Aengus her true love, or is it Lorcan? Does her future wait in shadow or the light?

One point is clear: the threads of her past-self are woven inextricably into the tapestry of her soul. An impossible choice looms before her, and all the while, evil is poised to strike.

**Only .99 cents!!**

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The Stone Awakened

Guardians of Erin, Book Two

Since moving to Ireland, Ashling Donoghue has tackled one challenge after another. Now the mystery of her parents' disappearance seems unsolvable. Are they dead or only missing? No one—not even the godlike Breasals—has a clue. Hope and fear war inside her, but she's determined to find answers and stay strong for her siblings. Even as she hones newfound powers, her banshee-in-training sister Deirdre needs her support.

Ashling could use a little help herself. She's struggling to navigate her first romance, and while Aengus Breasal stirs her body, mind, and soul, his nemesis Lorcan does too. Both men harbor secrets about her past life as Caer. One has ties to Aoife, the scheming wind demon whose influence is on the rise.

As the Stone of Destiny awakens, so does the conflict within.

**Only .99 cents!!**

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The Cauldron Stirred

Guardians of Erin, Book One

Ashling Donoghue never dreamed moving to Ireland would rock her perception of reality and plunge her into a mystery that brings legend to life.

At seventeen, she’s never had a boyfriend, but she feels an immediate connection to Aengus Breasal, the son of the wealthy Irishman who’s invited her family to stay at his Killarney estate. For the first time in her life, a guy she likes seems attracted to her.

But Aengus is secretive, with good reason. He and his family are the Tuatha Dé Danann, ageless, mythical guardians adept at shifting between this reality and the magical dimension known as the Otherworld. Evil forces from that world threaten the Breasals, the Donoghues, and all of Ireland. Ashling must open her heart, face her fears, and embrace a destiny greater than she could ever have imagined.

**Only .99 cents!!**

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Judith Sterling is an award-winning author whose love of history and passion for the paranormal infuse everything she writes. Whether penning medieval romance (The Novels of Ravenwood) or young adult paranormal fantasy (the Guardians of Erin series), her favorite themes include true love, destiny, time travel, healing, redemption, and finding the hidden magic which exists all around us. She loves to share that magic with readers and whisk them far away from their troubles, particularly to locations in the British Isles.

Her nonfiction books, written under Judith Marshall, have been translated into multiple languages. She has an MA in linguistics and a BA in history, with a minor in British Studies. Born in that sauna called Florida, she craved cooler climes, and once the travel bug bit, she lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Wisconsin, Virginia, and on the island of Nantucket. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and their identical twin sons.

Website * Facebook * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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A Little Good News

 With the world in turmoil right now, good news stories are hard to find. I found a rare good news story coming out of Ukraine in my local paper that gives me hope. I'm sharing it at Word Wranglers. Come on over and check it out!

MY LORD, MY ROGUE: #NewRelease from Anna St. Claire

Anna St. Claire visits with her brand new historical romance, MY LORD, MY ROGUE, book 4 in her Noble Hearts series. She shares a first kiss scene with us. Welcome Anna! 

Entangled in a web of danger, espionage, and deception, can he find love with the woman he thought long dead? Or will the danger deprive them of a chance for love and happiness?

Lady Honora Radcliff was betrothed to the most sought-after man of the Season— just not the man she loved. Too much champagne and too many dances with a handsome stranger leaves her life in tatters and she finds herself married to an abusive man whose only interest is the dowry her father refuses to release. Desperate to save her life and that of her unborn child, she fakes her death and disappears. 

Lord Benjamin Crewe, the Marquess of Willington, planned to enjoy the Christmastide season relaxing. Instead, he accepts a dangerous assignment from the Crown and while working it, comes face to face with the woman he always wished he had married. Only she has been thought dead for three years. 

Needing answers, he pursues her at the same time a treacherous enemy of England surfaces, and the two of them become tangled in a web of danger, espionage, and deception. 

Can Honora and Benjamin survive the danger in which they find themselves and gain a chance for love and happiness?

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Excerpt, First Kiss Scene:

Benjamin watched her lips as she talked, mesmerized by their soft, bow shape. “You are exquisite, Honora. And I realize that there are impediments to our relationship. There is Oliver’s guardianship. I feel sure that Lancaster’s influence, together with your father’s, will have a great bearing in the Court of Chancery. Their rolls are usually fairly bogged down, but he will use their connections, including his with the regent, to move it forward. At least, that is his hope. He cannot promise any outcome, of course.” 

“That would be wonderful, should he be able to help me with Oliver. It is my biggest fear that the dowager will maneuver a way to grab him from me.”

“No. That will not happen.” Quietly, he removed to the chair next to her. Benjamin cared not a fig for what her maid was doing, watching or otherwise. He wanted a kiss. “Would you mind if I kiss you, Honora?”

A smile turned up the corners of her mouth. “I would like that very much, Benjamin.” 

Hearing her say his name sent a idyllic feeling though him. Despite the awkwardness of the table, he leaned in and pulled her closer to him. Leaning in, he feathered her lips with small kisses before gently kissing her. His tongue touched her lips, cajoling her to allow more. She opened her mouth, and he quickly pressed his advantage tasting the sweetness of her mouth and swirling his tongue with hers in a dance of pleasure. Reminding himself they were not alone and not wishing to give her anything to regret, he pulled away slowly, lingering a moment to kiss the tip of her nose. 

“How was that, Lady Aster?” he asked, covering her hand with his.

“That was nice.” Her teeth bit down on her lip. “I confess I would enjoy another kiss, but only if I can get you to call me Honora.” A smile flickered across her lips. “You have not called me Honora since I was twelve.”

A smile creased his face. “It would be my pleasure, if you call me Benjamin,” he replied, feeling a fissure of pleasure shoot through his body. 

Author Bio:

Anna St. Claire is a big believer that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. She sprinkles her stories with laughter, romance, mystery and lots of possibilities, adhering to the belief that goodness and love will win the day.

Anna is both an avid reader/author of American and British historical romance. She and her husband live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their  two dogs and often, their two beautiful granddaughters, who live nearby. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, and Mimi—all life roles that Anna St. Claire relishes and feels blessed to still enjoy. And she loves her pets – dogs and cats alike, and often inserts them into her books as secondary characters.

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Meet @Kris_Bock and learn about her humorous #mysterynovel and The Accidental Detective #mystery series! #amreading #BookBuzz


Let's meet Kris Bock and learn about The Accidental Detective, her humorous mystery mystery series! Kris, tell us about yourself.

I started my writing career with children’s literature, writing for kids as Chris Eboch and MM Eboch. My first published book is The Well of Sacrifice – historical drama set in ninth-century Mayan Guatemala. It’s been in print for over twenty years and is used in schools when they teach the Maya. I’ve written over 100 educational work for hire books, and I’ve been a ghostwriter for some popular children’s mystery series starring your favorite young detectives.

I write for adults under the name Kris Bock. I’ve written romantic suspense and a sweet romance series based around a cat café. I have a humorous mystery series coming out this year, with four books scheduled. The first is:

Something Shady at Sunshine Haven: The Accidental Detective Book 1

War correspondent Kate Tessler has followed the most dangerous news stories around the world. But can she survive going home?

Injured in a bombing, Kate returns to her hometown in Arizona to recover. For the first time in her life, she’s starting to feel her age (49), even though she’s living like a teenager again: staying with her father, trying to understand why her sister resents her so much, and running into people who still think of her as Kitty.

Seeing her mother in an Alzheimer’s unit is the hardest part – until an old friend asks her to investigate suspicious deaths at that nursing home. Is a self-appointed “Angel of Mercy” killing patients to end their suffering? Are family members hastening their inheritance? Is an employee extorting money and removing the witnesses? Kate uses her journalism skills to track clues, but the puzzle pieces simply won’t fit.

If Kate can’t uncover the truth, her mother could be next on the killer’s list. 

What inspired this mystery series?

Kate spent thirty years traveling the world as a war correspondent. Now back in Arizona, she finds turning fifty as difficult than the mysteries she solves. This character was inspired by my own experiences. Okay, the part about turning fifty, not traveling the world as a war correspondent. I traveled a lot when younger, but not to war zones. But as I faced fifty, I wanted to create a mystery lead dealing with some of the same issues: aging parents, concerns about financing retirement someday, and a body that doesn’t recover like it once did. I also wanted to give Kate a reason to be adventurous and fearless, thus the background as a war correspondent.

I didn’t necessarily intend to write humor, but both my agent and my editor said they laughed a lot. That comes from how Kate sees the world, which is how I see the world. Laughter helps with the pain.

Why did you set the series in the Southwest?

I’ve lived in New Mexico for over twenty years, three times longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, so this is home. We live in a small town, but I wanted to set the mystery series in a big city. In Arizona, I could create a fictional city within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. That allows me to use this fictional city government for political issues, and make the mayor an old friend of Kate’s, without stepping on any real toes.

Arizona also provides tons of mystery opportunities. The large senior population attracts scams and abuse. You have the potential for arguments over inheritance (or even murders to get that inheritance sooner). The border with Mexico creates anxiety over immigration and various kinds of trafficking. Plus you have all the usual potential crimes in any large population. I’ll be able to keep Kate busy for years.

Where can people learn more about the series?

Book 1, Something Shady at Sunshine Haven, releases April 7. It’s available for preorder now at various retailers.

You can get a free short story and bonus material when you sign up for my newsletter. This collection starts with a humorous ten-page mystery short story set in the world of “The Accidental Detective” series. It includes information about the books in the series, with the first chapter of book 1. After that are three fun, short stories originally written for children. Newsletter subscribers will also get a thirty-five page novella set in the world of my cat café sweet romance series, and “22 Recipes from the Cat Café,” if they choose. 

Why did you write the cat café sweet romance series?

I’ve noticed lots of sweet, small-town romance series involving dogs, but few with cats. I think it’s because dogs clearly bring people together – think dog parks, walking your dog, obedience training – while cats don’t.

Until you consider cat cafés. These are a relatively recent trend, but you can now find a few hundred cat cafés all around the world. Typically they partner with a shelter, so all the cats you can visit are available for adoption. This gives visitors a chance to spend more quality time with the cats before they choose one. Those of us who can’t keep a cat in the home for whatever reason can at least visit some.

The cat café series is lighthearted sweet romance. Readers call it heartwarming, fun, and delightful. Visit the Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series page on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

What else do you have in the works?

I’m writing a series with my brother, scriptwriter Douglas J Eboch, who wrote the original screenplay for the movie Sweet Home Alabama. These are prequel novels set when the movie characters are teenagers. Follow the crazy antics of Melanie, Jake, and their friends a decade before the events of the movie.

Sign up for our romantic comedy newsletter and get Felony Melanie Destroys the Moonshiner’s Cabin. These first two chapters from the novel Felony Melanie in Pageant Pandemonium stand alone as a short story. In the future, you’ll get fun content about upcoming Felony Melanie novels and other romantic comedy news and links. Or find book 1 at Amazon US or All E-book retailers.

Kris Bock:

Kris Bock writes novels of mystery, suspense, and romance with outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. She has lived in ten states and one foreign country but is now firmly planted in the Southwest, where many of her books are set. Kris writes for children under the names Chris Eboch and M. M. Eboch. She has published over 100 books for young people, including ghostwriting for two children’s mystery series.


GoodReads Author Page
Amazon US page or Amazon UK page

Sunday, March 13, 2022

HEARTQUAKE: #NewRelease from Terry Newman

Wild Rose Press author Terry Newman is on tour with her new release, HEARTQUAKE. Check out the book and make sure to enter Terry's contest. Welcome to Journeys with Jana, Terry!



by Terry Newman

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Coffee shop owner, Charlee Lightheart, views corporations with contempt. She believes her father died at the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. When she's approached to run for city council on an anti-fracking platform, she's reluctant. She's not sure this movement is her cause.

Billionaire Riley Brockton has given up on love. Then he walks into Charlee's shop. All he wanted was coffee and muffins. From that first electrifying touch, he knows he needs more. He withholds one piece of vital information: he's a lionshifter.

A rogue reporter sets out to reveal the one secret that can destroy the anti-fracking movement and the couple's relationship. Can their love survive the truth and public exposure?

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Terry Newman has always loved words. As the editor-in-chief of a national natural

 health publishing company, she has written books on a variety of topics, as well as

 writing direct-mail advertising.

She’s also worked as a reporter, a communications specialist and a

 freelance writer.

 She’d had clients worldwide, and researched and wrote hundreds of

 eBooks and

 print books as well as ghostwrote novellas and short stories.

One day she woke and decided to make her dream of writing her

 own novel come

 true. She sets all her stories in fictional towns in northeast Ohio and

 writes about

 things she loves—like coffee.

Terry has led workshops on writing and character development.

She has a daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandpuppy, and lives in

 North Lima, a real

 town in northeast Ohio.

Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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