Monday, August 15, 2016

Magic Time with Liz Flaherty

It may be a little early for Christmas (132 days to go if I counted correctly), but the time seemed right for a little Christmas magic. Liz Flaherty is with me today to talk about her anthology with Harlequin Heartwarming. Welcome Liz Flaherty!

Magic Time

Before every scene, actor Jack Lemmon used to say, “It’s magic time.” It’s a mantra I haven’t exactly made my own, but I like to borrow it from time to time because writing is…well, magic. But I never wrote about magic. Not really, anyway. So where did the title of my novella, The Magic Stocking, come from?

Well, if you’re part of a group within a group—we call ourselves Pods—that includes Shirley Hailstock and Tara Taylor Quinn, once you get done going around shrieking about actually sharing a book cover with them, you start paying attention to what they say. And they were talking about Magic. Our anthology within A Heartwarming Holiday is called Magic Moments and we hope reading our stories gives you some wonderful moments.

Speaking of magic, Christmas Town, Maine, has plenty of it to offer. There are 15 stories this year and it’s killing me that I haven’t read most of them yet, but there are young ballerinas dancing the Nutcracker and Navy SEALs and old friends going into business…what could possibly be better! The writers are all Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors.

Each set of three novellas shares characters and storylines! This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are all set in Christmas Town, Maine, a location introduced in the 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually. A Heartwarming Holiday will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-afters. Like Mr. Lemmon said, it’s Magic Time.

Book 1: Once Upon a Holiday by Anna Adams, Anna J Stewart & Melinda Curtis
Book 2: Holiday Heroes by Leigh Riker, Tara Randel & Cari Lynn Webb
Book 3: 24 North Pole Lane by Carol Ross, Amy Vastine & Cheryl Harper
Book 4: Magic Moments by Tara Taylor Quinn, Shirley Hailstock & Liz Flaherty
Book 5: Nutcracker Sweethearts by Dana Mentink, Roz Denny Fox, & Amie Denman

If this boxed set appeals to you, look for our previous holiday anthology: A Heartwarming Christmas.


And don't forget, included in A HEARTWARMING HOLIDAY is an exclusive coupon worth $1.00 off any Heartwarming title from  Who doesn't love heartwarming romances?

Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Liz Flaherty lives in Indiana with her husband Duane. They have three grown children, three children-in-law, and the Magnificent Seven--their grandchildren, who are perfect. When Liz isn’t writing, she sews and frets because she thinks she should be writing. It should be noted she never thinks she should be dusting, sweeping, or cooking. She loves traveling, reading, and eating what other people cook.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm thrilled to have you on my blog, Liz! Best of luck with a Heartwarming Holiday.

  2. Liz, I can't wait to read your story and the others that I haven't read pre-launch. Hope everyone loves this boxed set. What a deal it is for the holidays.

  3. Liz, I can't wait to read and get a little of your holiday magic in my life!

  4. So excited to read everyone's stories! Yay, holiday magic!!

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