Monday, August 21, 2017

THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE by Cj Fosdick on #sale!

Fellow Wild Rose Press author Cj Fosdick is offering the first book in her Accidental series for sale for .99 cents until August 31. THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE is an award-winning time travel romance. Here's a blurb:
Self-determined Jessica Brewster is wary of any emotional relationship after being betrayed in a bet. When the beloved grandmother who raised her dies, she inherits a mysterious teacup which transports her back to 1886 in old Fort Laramie, switching places with her look-alike great-great grandmother--wife to her ancestor's magnetic first husband and mother to his charming nine-year-old daughter.
Can she pull off the charade and find a way back, or will conscience and her twenty-first century "slips" expose her identity?  As true love--and a gypsy--derail her plans, her ancestor's brother shows up with his own dark secret. Is her future in the past? Her decision could save her legacy...and her life!

THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE is available at the following retailers:

Cj Fosdick Amazon
Cj Fosdick Wild Rose Press
Cj Fosdick Barnes & Noble

About Cj Fosdick:

Born and raised in Packerland, Cj moved west to the medical mecca in Rochester, MN where her writing career bloomed with published award-winning stories and articles to her novel series inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Rescued horses, dogs, cats, children and one patient husband have motivated the heart of Cj’s craft. Though living on a country hilltop haven for decades, she has ventured down on occasion to climb a Jamaican waterfall, float in the Dead Sea, kiss the Blarney Stone and research settings for her next novel.


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