Friday, September 13, 2019

Autumn Booklover's Facebook Scavenger Hunt!

September 13-16

Who doesn’t love autumn? Leaves whirling in the wind and rain outside, a comfy chair inside, you with your favorite book and a hot beverage. Play our fun and easy hunt and you could win one of five gift baskets or boxes loaded with yummy goodies to snack on while reading!

Plus, with 30 authors participating—most hosting individual giveaways of their own on the hunt—our autumn basket is overflowing with new books to discover and prizes up for grabs!

Make sure to enter my giveaway. Find the link to my Rafflecopter on my Facebook page at 

Authors Participating in the Hunt

Aldrea Alien • Alex Gordon • Amanda Uhl • Anne McClane • Anne Stone • Aubrey Wynne • Bernadette Rowley • Cara Bristol • Denise D. Young • Donna R. Mercer • Em Petrova • Emberly Hart • Grace Roberts • Jacqueline Diamond • Jana Richards • Judith Sterling • Karen Michelle Nutt • Katherine Gilbert • Kristine Smith • Rebecca Hefner • Samantha Holt • Shaylin Gandhi • Sierra Kay • Soraya Naomi • Stephanie Queen • Stephany Tullis • Tawdra Kandle • Teddy Cat Hester • Zoe Dawson • Zoe Forward


  1. I like the beautiful colors on the trees.

  2. I like spiced apple ciders & pumpkin spice edibles.

  3. I love the changing colors and falling leaves

  4. I love the cooler weather and changing colors

  5. My favorite thing about Autumn is the cooler weather and color changes which brings the Fair and most importantly, fair food!

  6. I love a lot of favorite things about autumn, but the first that comes to mind is the colors. I love decorating during this time of year by bringing out all my gold, tan, rust, red colored items.

  7. My favorite thing about Fall is HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I love the costumes, the decorations, the candy... I love it all!!!!

  8. my favorite thing about this time of year are the colors and the smells :) I love fall!