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Interview with Linda Griffin, author of THE REBOUND EFFECT

Today my guest is fellow Wild Rose Press author Linda Griffin. Linda answers some of my interview questions and tells us about her newest release, THE REBOUND EFFECT. Read on and get to know Linda!

Where did you get the idea for your new novel? 

It began when a response was not made to an apology. Teresa answered instead and although it is now in Chapter 2, it was the first line I wrote.

Did you always want to be a writer? 

I fell in love with the written word when I learned to read. My first ambition was to be a “bookmaker,” which I thought involved forming those little printed letters by hand. My older sister told me it was mostly staring into space and scribbling a few words. I wrote my first story, “Judy and the Fairies,” at six.

When were you first published and how did that happen? Was it a long or short journey?

I had a short story published in a college literary journal, but it was a long journey from there to the next one. The Rebound Effect is my 17th publication (third book), and 17 is my lucky number!

What book for you has been the easiest to write? The hardest? The most fun?

 I think The Rebound Effect was the easiest and the most fun. Seventeen Days stalled and wasn’t finished until years later.

 Do you write in the same place every day or do you like to change it up? 

I sit at my computer and write in two places:at my desk, and in front of the TV. Scribbling of bits of dialog and entire scenes can take place anywhere—all too often in the middle of the night.

Do you have any pets? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I’m very much a cat person. I like their independence and quirky personalities. I don’t have any live pets at the moment, but I have a lizard muse, Sparkle. Her picture is my Facebook page cover image.

What are your hobbies away from the computer?

Reading, movies, Scrabble, and travel. I’ve visited 47 states. Hawaii is next.

Share a photo of your writing space.

This is my official writing space. The chair belonged to my grandmother, and the manual typewriter I got when I was 13 is still under the desk.

How do you choose the names and physical characteristics of your characters? Do you base them on real people?

I’ve only based one MC on a real person. Sometimes I choose names at random, and sometimes I go to considerable effort to come up with the perfect name. Frank McAlister’s name is derived from a real person’s, but in a roundabout way. I wanted a simple, old-fashioned name for Teresa. Aiden’s name was chosen from a list of names popular the year he was born.

How can readers reach you or find you online? 

Website : http://www.lindagriffinauthor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lindagriffin.author/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LindaGriffinA

What’s your tagline for this book? Why did you choose it?

“Whirlwind romance—cure for a broken heart, or prescription for trouble?” Medically, the rebound effect is the recurrence and often worsening of symptoms when treatment is discontinued, and love is a dangerous illness.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?

The Rebound Effect. I think it’s the best!

Tell us about your next release. 

I’m waiting to hear from my editor about Guilty Knowledge, a police procedural/interracial romance that I hope will be my next Wild Rose Press book. It may be a little out of their line, so I have my fingers crossed.

Buy links for The Rebound Effect:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SS8SGT1/
Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-rebound-effect-linda-griffin/1131957492
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-rebound-effect-2

She reached inside the robe to rub his shoulders. She was feeling something new now, something tender, loving, intimate, possessive. She kissed him. She wanted to give in to this sense of well-being, of the inevitability of a future together, of love, but wasn’t it too soon?

“Teresa,” he said, again as if her name was a special endearment. “I want to sleep with you. I want to hold you all night.”

“It sounds very romantic,” she said, “but what if I snore? What if I need you to let me breathe a little?”

“Breathing is overrated. I never want to let go of you again.” He kissed her, and then he lifted her in his arms. It had never happened to her before—Gene hadn’t even carried her across the threshold on their wedding night.

“Frank!” she cried, laughing, but a little scared—what if he dropped her? He was strong, but she wasn’t very light. He didn’t drop her—or he did, but deliberately, from about an inch above the cool, clean sheets of his bed. They were both laughing, and he started kissing her randomly, here and there. This can be a lot of fun, she told herself. Enjoy it while it lasts. “Remember when you asked if it was too soon for me to date?” she asked.

“Yeah, and you said it depended on the definition.”

“It turns out it was too soon,” she said, “and now it’s too late.”


In the small town of Cougar, struggling single mother and veterinary assistant Teresa Lansing is still bruised from her failed relationship with Brett Devlin when Frank McAllister begins to pursue her.
Frank is a big-city SWAT officer, only recently moved to Cougar. He’s handsome, charming, very sexy, and a bit mysterious. He’s had his eye on Teresa for a while and is in a hurry for a serious relationship.

Teresa finds the whirlwind courtship flattering, but it’s too much too soon, and she doesn’t want her deaf six-year-old son Aiden to be hurt again. The romance is further complicated by Brett’s efforts to win Teresa back. And then there’s the matter of the bodies buried at Big Devil Creek…

Linda Griffin's Author Bio: 

I was born and raised in San Diego, California and still call it home. I earned a B.A. in English from SDSU and an MLS from UCLA. I retired from a position as fiction librarian for the San Diego Public Library to spend more time on my writing, and my stories have been published in numerous journals. The Wild Rose Press has published two romantic suspense novels, Seventeen Days (2018) and The Rebound Effect (2019).

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