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Spotlight on A WIDOW'S WALK

Today the book spotlight is on A WIDOW'S WALK: CATHERINE'S DILEMMA by M.S. Spencer. She's offering an excerpt from the book, a romantic suspense set in Maine and Florida. Take it away, Ms. Spencer!

Snow and Whiskey

Thank you so much for having me at your fabulous site, Jana. I’d like to talk about A Widow’s Walk, my latest romantic suspense from I Heart Publishing and regale you with an excerpt that I hope makes your readers dream of red velvet curtains, northern snow, and great bears of men.

Catherine Killean is a woman on a mission. When her new husband disappears, leaving a suicide note, she is determined to find out why. She follows his tracks first to the North Woods of Maine, then to Florida, and back again to Maine. Along the way, she meets the tall, dark, gruff Holden Taggart, a Maine guide. 

In her doubt and loneliness she is drawn to Holden, leaving her confused and adrift. What will happen when her questions about Jonathan are finally answered? Will old loyalty or new love triumph?

A Widow’s Walk: Catherine’s Dilemma
I Heart Book Publishing, June 6, 2016
Ebook: words; Print: 227 p.
Contemporary romantic suspense, M/F, 2 flames


For days, despite all their best efforts, the sexual tension has built between Catherine and Holden. Tonight, the last night of her tour of the North Woods of Maine, Catherine sleeps fitfully on silken sheets in the madam’s boudoir of a former brothel. She will be awakened twice this night, once by a stranger, and once by a lover.

Excerpt (PG): Snow and Whiskey

A soft pawing at the door roused her. “Yes?” She caught her breath. Please let it not be Al again.

“It’s me.”


“Me, Holden! Open the door for God’s sake.”

She went to the door, but hesitated. “What do you want?”

The growl came low. “Open the damned door, Catherine.”

She opened it. He stood there massively, leaning on the door jamb. He smelled of snow and fire and whiskey. She took a step back. He took a step forward into the room and closed the door gently behind him.

“Holden, you’re drunk!”

“I am not,” he retorted with careful dignity. “I had a shot before coming here. For warmth.”

Catherine was too busy worrying about the precarious nature of his verticality to absorb his words. To steady him, she repeated, “What do you want?”

He stared at her, his eyes hungry. Her heart flip-flopped. Holden took another step toward her. She tried to move backward and stumbled. He caught her and crushed her in his arms, his mouth coming down on hers with savage desire. She put both hands behind his head and pulled him closer. His tongue began to explore, palpating her teeth, her lips, the sensitive little inside corner of her mouth. They rocked back and forth, tasting, touching.

Suddenly Holden pulled away and staggered to the window. “I am so sorry, Catherine. It’s true, I am a little drunk. I’ve been thinking about this all day, of you—” He turned. “I’ve never felt this way about any woman. Women are—”

He was not allowed to finish. Catherine took his hand and led him to the bed. She pulled his sweater off and unbuttoned his flannel shirt. She could not resist kissing the chest as it appeared, dropping kisses down as each button came undone. Holden stood stock-still. Catherine continued to his belt. She was determined not to think about the consequences of her actions. She just wanted it. Is that so awful?

She unzipped the jeans and followed the zipper down with more kisses. She could feel him trembling. Just before she made landfall he took her arms and lifted her up.
“Not yet. I want to see you first.”

He dragged the flimsy negligee over her head. She was too aroused to care that he would see her belly and her wrinkles. She waited, empty of conscious thought. A rushing sound and then, without apparent effort, she found herself on the bed clinging to Holden, hands roaming, squeezing, lips stuck to lips, eyes glued on each other.

She felt him enter her. She tried to stop caressing him so she could focus on this new and delicious sensation, but her need was too great. It had been so long since she made love like this. That first time—after the bear—it had been satisfying, but not earthshaking. He had been no more than a body, the instrument of gratification. This time, with Holden’s fingers, lips, skin on hers, thrusting inside her with a great, deep, elemental force that almost shattered her spine, the passion swept through her like a fierce wind through Key Largo. Then it was over.

No, it wasn’t. An instant only, before he resumed his delving into her body, driving in again and again until she couldn’t stand it anymore and her body escaped her, bucking uncontrollably against him.
They slowed imperceptibly, both loath to end it. Finally Holden came to rest on top of her, his lips still cemented to hers. When he let go and rolled to one side, Catherine reached for him, panicking. He’s going to get up and leave. She knew it. Like all men. Like Jonathan.

Jonathan. Oh my God. Where did all that passion come from? What had she let herself in for? It’s not the time or the place. Holden’s eyes were closed. She thought she would close her eyes too—just for a bit—and then they would think this out together.

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About the Author:

Although M. S. Spencer has lived or traveled in five continents, the last thirty years were spent mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, Congressional staff assistant, speechwriter, editor, birdwatcher, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and parent. She has two fabulous grown children and a perfect granddaughter. Ms. Spencer has published ten romantic suspense/murder mystery novels, and currently divides her time between the Gulf coast of Florida and a tiny village in Maine.

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