Monday, November 8, 2010

Puppy Love: The Office Edition

My dog Lou
I work two part-time jobs, one as a bookkeeper for a provincial veterinary association, and one as secretary/admin assistant/bookkeeper for the provincial animal health technologists association. Both associations have a common goal; to look after the health and welfare of animals.
So it probably comes as no surprise that one of the questions I was asked when I interviewed for the job with the animal health technologists was whether I had a pet. Of course I do! My dog Lou is the love of my life. Before we had Lou, we had cats for over twenty years. And before that, when I was a kid growing up on the farm, I was surrounded by animals.

 As much as I love Lou and all the other pets I’ve had, I’ve never considered bringing any of them to work with me. That wasn’t even an option. But my current colleagues, and our employers, think that happiness is a warm puppy. And it might even make the office a more enjoyable place to work.
So let me introduce the four-legged colleagues that I share office space with.
Michelle started bringing Indigo with her to work shortly after she began working with us this past summer. Indy is a laid back kind of girl. She’s also a big girl. Being a Mastiff, she has a huge head and a wide chest. Indy is not what you’d call a high energy dog, which is a good thing because at her size she’d be pretty hard to handle if she was a bundle of energy. But she’s a sweet, affectionate pooch, who loves to come to visit me a few times during the day for a little scratch and some loving. Michelle found Indy at the Humane Society.


Huey was recently adopted by Andrea from animal services (aka “the pound”), which meant that he was found running loose without any identification. He is absolutely adorable! Andrea started bringing him to work to give her three cats a break; apparently they didn’t take it well when he moved in. We think he has some kind of terrier in him, perhaps Jack Russell terrier. But whatever breed he is, he’s got a big heart. I love Huey for the enthusiasm of his daily greetings. Nobody else is that happy to see me in the morning!


Winnie is the youngest member of our little menagerie. Simone got her at animal services. At only a few months old, she’s still in the puppy stage, so she sometimes gets into a bit of trouble. For instance last Friday, we were all working in our offices and we could hear Winnie chewing on what we thought was her bone. Turns out it was Michelle’s shoe. Winnie loves to play and she enjoys a nice scratch and a cuddle. Though she still has a lot to learn, she’s a beautiful girl, and so smart. She’s going to grow into a wonderful companion.
Though none of these guys are purebreds, they’re fantastic dogs, proving that wonderful pets can be found at shelters. And they make pretty good employees too!     
Do you have a pet? I’d love to hear about him/her. Have you ever had the opportunity to take your pet to work?


  1. Hello Jana in your new home. Looks great :) I'm still having trouble 'following' you, but I'm sure I'll get that fixed now that you're on Blogger.

    You know how much I love dogs (my dog Taz makes regular appearances on my blog). When I worked in the office, we had a shop cat. Since The Husband doesn't like cats, I was thrilled to have one at work. That cat became mine - and would run across the showroom when I arrived. There's nothing like getting a warm welcome in the morning!

    More companies should allow pets to go to work with their human companions.

  2. Hello Jana, how lovely to have such great friends to help you write. Nothing better.
    I, like Janet, am going to try and follow you from my blog.

  3. Hi Janet,
    It's a very relaxed atmosphere with the dogs here at the office. Charles Schultz was right: happiness is a warm puppy!

    We've had other pets make an appearance here. On occassion some of the vets have brought their dogs in. My colleague Andrea has brought in some of her cats from time to time. And a former colleague brought in her rabbit, although I was a little miffed with Doris the bunny. She chewed my telephone cord in half!

    As far as following goes, I thought I had installed the gadget that allows that. I'll take another look at that and if I have difficulty I'll drop you a line.


  4. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, it's nice to have animals around at work and at play. They just make everything better.


  5. Oh Huey is so cute! I wish I could take one of my 3 dogs to work, but its against health code. Plus the little turds would probably be naughty...but I love 'em anyways!

  6. Deanna, Huey is a sweetheart. He and the others aren't always on their best behavior. The dogs are learning to get along and they're learning the rules of the office; work time can't be play time. Sometimes the baby gates go up in the office doors and they have to stay inside for a while. But it's always nice to have them around. Luckily we don't have to worry about health codes!


  7. No, I don't bring my pet to work because I don't personally have one. I have enough kids to worry about. (bad joke, huh?)

    We have a family farm dog named Anna who we were told is an Anatolian Shepherd except she's pure black.

    We have numerous barn cats that JJ spends hours observing. (Ever since he read Erin Hunter's Warrior series.)

    JJ also has a budgie in the living room which flies over our heads, surprises our guests, and chatters during good parts of the TV show.

    And JJ also has a blue Beta fish in his bedroom. It's in a 10" high hexagon aquarium with oxygen bubble maker, filter and light. So sometimes his bedroom is noisy and sometimes not. Sometimes it's damp and sometimes not. And sometimes He likes to leave the light on when it's dark - just because.

    Good post, Jana.

  8. Hi Anita,
    Sounds like you have pets aplenty at your place! Right now we just have our dog Lou and three unnamed fish that I've grown surprisingly fond of (didn't think I was a fish person).

    I really enjoy having animals around, whether I'm working at home or at the day job.


  9. My dogs hang with me when I write. My chi-weenie likes to be in my lap or right next to me. Using a laptop makes it easier for me to write on the couch with him snuggled up next to me.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Hi Jana

    I'm delighted with your blog and will be hanging around.

    I work from home so I can have Pen with me all the time. She lays down at the top of the stairs and only Husband is allowed to pass.

    Sarge was a Lab in German Shepherd's clothing. When she was alive, I worked for a newspaper located nowhere near the better parts of town. I often had to work late at night so I took Sarge with me. She was a big old love hound but I felt safe with her. A police dog trainer told me once that I might think she would love a burglar to death, but the fact is, she would more likely attack. Dogs can sense and smell a bad guy and know when to be friendly and when to guard. I once watched a police dog follow a scent through a public school with thousands of scents everywhere, but he never wavered and located the intruder.

    I have had pets all my life except during my former marriage, which is one of the reasons it is my former marriage. I have had some great cats - especially Edward who greeted people at the door with a raised paw. But at heart, I am a dog person.

    I could go on for pages about dogs - mine and police dogs I worked with during a national trial for PDs here some years ago. But, I had better hold off until I start a blog of my own


    p.s. Celia's idea of a personal 'just friends talking to friends' sounds like a good idea. Maybe we old chicks will stick together even if the nest has grown cold. A girl needs some comforting when she lays an egg!

  11. Hi Jana,
    I have a new Brittany puppy. She's 12 weeks old. We've always had Britts and while adorable, I'd hesitate to bring one to work. They are VERY BUSY dogs and always come with a "to do" list. They'd be rearranging furniture, unpotting plants and generally kissing everyone within reach. Would never do.
    Connie C

  12. Hey Celtic Chick,
    My dog Lou is a little too heavy to sit in my lap as I write. But she often sleeps at my feet, or under my desk. I just find it really comforting to have her close by. And she seems happy too.

    Thanks for commenting. I hope you drop by again.

  13. Connie, I'm so glad you were able to come by. I hope you make a habit of it!

    I loved your stories about your dogs. Lou is the first dog I've had since I was kid on the farm. But those dogs weren't really pets; for one thing they would never be allowed in the house. I didn't know how much I liked dogs until I got one. For many years we had cats and I loved them, but I think that like you, I'm a dog person at heart. And having them at work is a bonus.


  14. Hi Connie,
    Not every dog is a good candidate for coming to work. I laughed when I read your comment about your dog rearranging the furniture. A dog that busy probably would get very bored at the office. For the most part, our office dogs do well. And they pretty much leave the furniture where it is.