Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Kayelle Allen and the Antonello Brothers: #ScifiRomance

Kayelle Allen returns to my blog today for the Antonello Brothers: Immortal Complete Set Book Release Tour. If you like science fiction gay romance on the sweeter side, this set is for you! Welcome Kayelle!


Antonello Brothers: Immortal 

A Sweeter Gay Romance Set
New Release


Alone for centuries, Luc seeks mortal lovers to hold the loneliness at bay, but unlike himself, when they die, they don't come back. When his latest mortal lover falls in love with another, Luc steps aside. Will he never find his own forever love?

Izzorah, a young Kin male, comes into Luc's life, and the outlook brightens. This catlike alien reads Luc's emotions as if they were written on his face. Instead of fleeing from Luc's pain, Izzorah presses closer, offering solace.

When a life-threatening accident nearly kills Izzorah, the thought of losing him is too much to bear. Luc breaks the highest law among immortals and saves him by a transfusion of blood.

But instead of a simple cure, Luc's blood triggers a latent power, and an ability no one expected. Immortality. Could his precious Izzorah be Luc's forever love?

One thing is certain. Once Luc sets his mind to a thing, what Luc wants, Luc gets. But to claim Izzorah's full surrender, Luc must first offer his own...

♥If you'd like a cuddly cinnamon roll hero who purrs, and an alpha male who has met his emotional match, this MM Sci-Fi Romance book bundle is just what you've been looking for. Extra points if you prefer your love scenes with only a hint of steam.

♥Includes a bonus book and links to a full universe of stories with these characters.

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Cover by GermanCreative 

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