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Australia Burns - An Excerpt from WINGS OF FIRE

Australia Burns, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, is the project I'm involved with that is endeavoring to raise money for the Australian Red Cross to help with recovery and rebuilding following the devastating bush fires there. I donated a short story called "Wings of Fires" which appears in Volume 2 and is set in Canada during World War 2. Here's a short excerpt. In this scene Will, a British airman training in Canada with the British Commonwealth Air Training Program, has just crashed-landed his training plane into the haystack owned by Evie, a young Saskatchewan woman working on her father's farm:

For a few moments the only sounds Will heard were the squawks of frightened chickens as they flew in a hundred different directions. He ran a hand over his jaw. It was sore and would likely turn a nasty black and blue, but he didn’t think it was broken. The rest of him seemed to be largely unhurt as well.
            Will eased himself from the cockpit and jumped out, taking stock of the situation.  Despite the way he’d landed, the Harvard sustained minimal damage. But a blown tire and the problem with the engine meant there was no way he could fly it back to base. Will sighed. How was he going to get back? And how was he going to explain this one to his commander?
            The farmer approached him on the run. Will braced himself for the tongue lashing he was sure would follow, knowing he deserved every bit of the man’s wrath. As the farmer came closer, the wind blew off a wide brimmed hat, releasing a cascade of auburn curls that glowed like fire in the sun. Will stared in astonishment, his jaw hanging slack. The farmer was a woman. A very beautiful woman. Even the baggy overalls and scuffed work boots couldn’t diminish her attractiveness.     
            “Are you all right?” she asked when she reached him. “Are you hurt?”
            Will rubbed his sore jaw once more, his eyes never leaving her face. She had the fair complexion of a redhead, with a sprinkling of freckles peppering her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were an unusual mixture of blue and green, which were currently filled with concern for him.
            “Yes, thank you, I’m fine. Just a few bruises, I believe.”
            “Good. Then I can do this.”
            She let fly with a hard right to his shoulder. Will staggered back a pace, taken off guard.
            “Steady on!” he said, massaging his shoulder. For a small woman she packed an amazingly big punch. “What did you do that for?”
            “You’re one of those pilots from the Air School, aren’t you?” She jabbed at his chest with a pointed finger. Her eyes, previously full of concern, now blazed with fury.  “I’m sick to death of you crazy idiots dive-bombing my farm and scaring the animals. That haystack represents this winter’s feed for my livestock and you nearly destroyed it. I wish you’d all go back where you came from.”

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