Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Sexy Saturday - Funny Snippet from "Always a Bridesmaid"

Happy Saturday! Here's 7 paragraphs from my soon to be released (Uncial Press, January 17, 2014) contemporary romantic comedy "Always a Bridesmaid". Zach and Dani are pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend to fend off the unwanted attentions of Zach's former fiance Chantal. In this snippet which takes place in front of everyone at the breakfast table, Chantal is making it clear she wants Zach back, or at least wants him back in her bed. But Zach has other ideas:

He felt her hand on his knee. What game was Chantal playing? "Modern art's not my thing."
"I guess that's true. You always liked the works of the old masters better. All those Rubenesque women. But I really think you should give this exhibit a try. Perhaps you'll come to a new appreciation of the art form."
Her hand inched up his thigh. Sweat broke out on his forehead. "I don't think so. I have other interests."
"There's no reason you can't appreciate two art forms at the same time."
Her hand drifted to the top of his thigh. For the first time she looked at him, giving him a triumphant smile. Then her hand moved to his crotch.
He shot to his feet, his chair scraping against the wood floor and nearly tipping. Just at that moment, Dani entered the dining room with a bowl, and after setting it on the sideboard, turned to smile at him. He reached her in three strides, enveloping her tightly in his arms and covering her mouth with his before she had a chance to protest or even say good morning. He wanted to make sure Chantal understood in no uncertain terms that he was with Dani now.
For several heart beats, she held herself rigid. And then something remarkable happened. He felt her sigh against his mouth as her arms wound around his neck and she pressed herself against him. His own response was swift and totally unexpected. He held her close, running one hand over the lush curves of her bottom, her softness speaking to a primordial part of his being. The taste of berries on her tongue made him want to strip off her clothing to taste every inch of her naked skin. Though he was vaguely aware of people entering the room, he ignored them. Urgency built inside him, demanding to be released.

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