Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday!

My romantic comedy "There Goes the Groom" was released last Friday. Yay! I'm starting a week-long blog tour on Monday to celebrate TGTG's release. I'll be visiting the following blogs:

May 20:  Straight from the Library
May 21:  Long and Short Reviews
May 21:  STOP 2  Flirting With Romance
May 22:  Tyhada Reads
May 22:  STOP 2  Harlie's Books
May 23:  Bunny's Review
May 24:  Welcome to My World of Dreams

In the meantime, here's a six paragraph sneak peek from "There Goes the Groom":

Tony helped Olivia load the dishwasher. When they lifted their heads at the same time, Tony touched her cheek.

“You’ve got a bit of tomato sauce there.”

He gently rubbed at the spot with his thumb. Olivia’s heart instantly began to race, her limbs turning to liquid at the tenderness of his touch. The shock of it kept her rooted to the spot.

Tony must have felt it too. His dark eyes turned smoky with desire. He lowered his head towards hers and kissed her, at first softly, tentatively. Then his arms went around her and he brought her tight against him, their bodies melding together in remembered perfection. Olivia slid her arms around his neck, nestling even closer. Tony’s kiss became insistent, demanding, hungry. Olivia felt herself being swept away on a wave of passion. Nothing had felt so good in so long.

The ringing of the phone brought her back to earth.

She took a step away from Tony. What was she doing? She couldn’t do this again. She couldn’t let him leave her again.

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