Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our New Anthology!

I couldn't be prouder! It is my pleasure to announce the release of my writing group's first anthology. The Saskatchewan Romance Writers has put together 20 short stories by 17 members, and if I do say so myself, we rock!

Love, Loss and Other Oddities:
Tales from Saskatchewan
Twenty stories of love, loss and strange
happenings on the prairie from seventeen
Saskatchewan authors.

Foreword by New York Times
bestselling author Mary Balogh

Love and loss aren’t the only things happening
every day on the prairie: Saskatchewan is full of the
unexpected. Seventeen regional authors explore
just how strange and wonderful this province can
be in these twenty stories. From historical fiction
to paranormal romance, with stops along the way
for contemporary adventures, suspense, and urban
fantasy, this anthology is the one Saskatchewan road
that won’t take you on a straightforward journey.

Nurturing local writers of popular fiction for twentyfive
years, Saskatchewan Romance Writers is proud
to present this collection of outstanding short stories.
Come take a trip through the extraordinary prairie!

“The title is a perfectly accurate one… there is
something here to suit all tastes. I have read all the
stories and have been well entertained.”
– Mary Balogh

Back for a weekend in the city where it all went wrong,
Emma has reservations about everything,
especially him.

A trip to her childhood home offers a Cree woman a chance
to settle more than her late father’s estate.

When Sam appears in human form, Litha must decide
between dying to be with him and living without him.

Stories by
Kat Aubrey, S. E. Berger, Doreen M. Bleich,
Annette Bower, Joanne Brothwell, Teri Christine,
Jessica Eissfeldt, Anne Germaine, Karyn Good,
Clare Hurst, Hazel Milne Kellner, Hayley E. Lavik,
Judy McCrosky, Carolynn McDougall,
Lesley-Anne McLeod, Jana Richards and
Carrie Ann Schemenauer

Love, Loss and Other Oddities is now available for purchase as an ebook at

For the Kindle version, go to Amazon

And to read more about the anthology and the Saskatchewan Romance Writers, go to

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