Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - Her Best Man

Here's a sneak peek from the first book in my "Left at the Altar" series. After Sarah's fiance, Will's brother, runs out on her during their wedding ceremony, they both find themselves on a cruise ship in the Carribbean, sharing a cabin and forced to pretend to be newlyweds. Here they are at their first night at dinner on the cruise ship:

Ted’s love for Josie shone in his eyes, despite her lack of tact.  He knew all her foibles, weaknesses and plain old stupidities and he still loved her.  Sarah wondered why someone couldn’t love her like that.  She stared at her engagement ring and thought of the day Brad had given it to her.  She’d been so happy and so hopeful of a wonderful future.  But now all her plans and dreams were gone, her hopes of having a family of her own dashed.  How could he have done that to her?
The sob seemed to come from the pit of her stomach, working its way up her body until it just burst uncontrollably out of her mouth.  She covered her mouth with her hand, shocked by the emotion as well as by the tears flooding out of her eyes.  To her surprise she found herself being drawn into Will’s embrace.  She sniffled against his shirt, embarrassing herself further by getting his shoulder wet.
“It’s okay, Sarah,” he whispered.  In a louder voice she heard him speak to the rest of the group who had stopped in mid-chew to stare at her. 
“Sarah’s had a very difficult couple of weeks,” he began.  This was it, she thought.  This was where she got outed as a fake bride.  She sucked in a breath.  If he told the truth would he go to jail?  Would she? 
“We don’t have any rings because a few days before the wedding the jewelry store where we purchased our rings burned to the ground.  Our rings were lost and Sarah was devastated.  As you can see, she’s still emotional about it.”
Sarah sniffed against Will’s shoulder.  What?

Will's very good at telling stories. He comes up with a few doozies during this cruise! To read a blurb and another excerpt from "Her Best Man" please go to my
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