Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Chocolate Thief

Merry Christmas to all! We've been celebrating the holidays the last few days with plenty of food (the diet starts next week!) and just being together. It's been wonderful to have both of my daughters home this year.

Last night we decided to go out to see "Les Miserables" which opened yesterday in movie theatres. Great show! Loved the acting and the singing. I remembered the songs from seeing the theatre production many years ago. "Les Miserables" remains one of my top favorite musicals of all time.

Returning home after three hours (yes, the show is that long), we were greeted by a scene of devastation in our living room. Ripped wrapping paper and torn boxes once containing chocolates were strewn over the floor. The culprit - our dog Lou, a notorious chocoholic. In our rush to get to the movie, we'd neglected to put the opened chocolate up high where she couldn't get at it, and left it instead on the coffee table. She cleaned out two chocolate boxes that were almost empty, one box we'd just opened, and an unopened 'chocolate orange' (a solid ball of orange flavored milk chocolate the size of an orange). All that was left were the empty boxes and a dog with a guilty expression.

We really should have known better. The same thing occurred a few Christmases back when the dog ate an entire box of expensive Belgian chocolates given to us by a friend. Back then I'd phoned our veterinary clinic and was advised that chocolate could be toxic to dogs. I was told to give Lou a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to make her throw up.

So guess what I was doing last night? Cleaning up after the dog. Merry Christmas to me.

On the bright side, this morning I found the chocolate orange that we thought she'd eaten yesterday. She'd taken it out of the box and then carried it into my office where she'd hidden it behind a box, presumably to finish later. Aside from a couple of teeth marks on the foil wrapper, it was totally intact.

Lou, the notorious chocolate thief
Note to self: next Christmas hide all the chocolate. Otherwise, make sure to have plenty of hydrogen peroxide on hand.


  1. I bet Lou thought you guys were the bestest Santas ever leaving her all that chocolate. And even a true choco-holic knows when too much is too much (love that she decided to hide that which was too much for later).

    I was worried, Jana - I've heard chocolate is toxic, too - and I hoped this had a happy ending. It did - well, the exception of the cleaning you had to do. Good lesson learned - although probably is hoping for an equally chocolatey Chrismas next year ;)

    1. Hi Janet,
      Yeah, Lou probably thought we'd left all that chocolate for her. Little begger.

      My youngest daughter was very worried about her, even after we made her throw up. I blame veterinary advice on the Internet. Very scary.

      I couldn't believe she actually hide the chocolate orange. My little Lou is way more devious, and way smarter, than I thought!