Monday, February 6, 2012

The Liebster Award

My friend and fellow Class of '85 author at The Wild Rose Press, Margo Hoornstra, has presented me with the Liebster Award. I'm so proud! From what I understand, this award is given to writers/bloggers with a stick-to-it attitude who persevere through thick and thin. They're also givers who help out fellow writers. Several wonderful writers came to mind. My choosen five are

Rachel Brimble - Rachel Brimble Romance

Janet Corcoran - Janet's Journal

Joanne Brothwell - Thoughts Interred in Phrase

Karyn Good - Karyn Good

Hayley E. Lavik - Hayley E. Lavik

All that's required to to accept this award is:

- Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to that person's blog.
- Copy and paste the award graphic to your blog.
- Choose five blogs to award in kind and break the news by commenting on those blogs.
- Hope these people pay it forward in turn by accepting and passing "The Liebster Blog Award" to blogs they'd like to honour.

Thank you Margo!


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  2. Thanks, Jana. I appreciate the thought!

  3. Well, stick-to-it attitude or a glutton for punishment! Thanks, Jana - I'll be passing this along on Thursday or Friday :)