Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures of the Week

Lou next to a snowbank on our driveway. The snowbank is much bigger since this picture was taken last week!

The spruce in my front yard is burdened with snow.

This is the trail where Lou and I often walk.

The trees were covered in hoarfrost this day.

The poor little scrub beside the step is buried.

My street on a snowy day.

Snow can be beautiful!
 Please join me tomorrow at Liana Laverentz's blog http://lianalaverentz.blogspot.com/  I'll be talking about writers and backpain.


  1. Great pictures, Jana. Isn't the amount of snow we've gotten crazy!

  2. Love the pics - and you're here on Tuesday, which means I missed your guest blog on Wednesday :(

    Off to check it out now, a day late. Keep warm :)