Sunday, October 20, 2019

#SundaySnippet - SEEING THINGS for Halloween!

Here's another snippet from my romantic suspense, SEEING THINGS. I hope you enjoy it!


When psychic Leah McKenna “sees” the abduction of a small boy, she knows she must help find him, no matter the danger to herself. David Logan, the boy’s uncle, doesn’t believe in psychic phenomenon. He believes Leah knows who kidnapped his nephew, and plans to stick close to her to discover the truth. As they search for Jeremy they uncover truths about themselves and the way they feel about each other. Can Leah convince him her visions, and her love for him, are real before time runs out for all of them?


"How do you know that Ms. McKenna isn't in on the kidnapping?"

Detective Hampton straightened in his chair, annoyance flitting across his face before he carefully composed himself once more. "As I mentioned, Ms. McKenna has worked with the police before. I can assure you her background has been thoroughly checked."

Logan turned again to Leah, a challenge burning in his blue eyes. "I don't believe in psychic phenomena."

His skepticism didn't come as a surprise to Leah. Few people took her seriously.
"Perhaps if I told you what I saw," she ventured.

"Go ahead."

She didn't miss the cynicism in his voice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, her mind conjuring the image of the small boy. "He has dark curly hair which is hanging in his eyes and sticking out from under his hat. He really needs a haircut," she said, smiling. "He has blue eyes, big blue eyes. They're very beautiful. I think he's about six years old." She paused for a second and opened her eyes.

Logan still looked skeptical, but there was something else in his face, something Leah thought looked a bit like surprise. She closed her eyes again.

"He's wearing a blue knitted hat... it has a Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it. He has on black snow boots, jeans and a winter parka. The parka is black with red sleeves."

She opened her eyes once more and met David Logan's blue stare.

"Very impressive, Ms. McKenna, but you haven't told me anything you couldn't have gotten from the police or my nephew's school."

"We didn't give Leah your nephew's description. She came up with that on her own," Detective Hampton assured David.

"I haven't spoken to anyone at your nephew's school. To be honest, I don't even know which school he goes to," Leah said.

"What's my nephew's name?" David challenged.

"I don't know," Leah replied, looking unflinchingly into his eyes. "My abilities seem to be more with clairvoyance then with telepathy." David's blank expression told her he didn't know the difference and probably didn't care, but she decided to explain anyway.

"If I were telepathic, you could pick a card from a deck, look at it, and I could tell you which card you picked from reading your thoughts. As a clairvoyant, I have better success if you pick a card and place it face down without looking at it. I concentrate on the card itself to determine which one it is."

He appeared unconvinced, but Leah couldn't worry about that right now. Something nagged at her, something she'd missed previously. She closed her eyes once more.

"He's not wearing mitts. That's strange for February. There's something on his hand, his right hand. I think... on his index finger. It's a blemish of some sort. A cut, I think, and covered with a band-aid. Did he cut himself with a paring knife?" She opened her eyes.

The color had drained from Logan's face. He straightened in his chair, and after a long moment, nodded at Leah. "Yes, he has a small cut on his right index finger. And his name is Jeremy."

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