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Saturday, January 16, 2021

#OnSale for #99Cents: THE GIRL MOST LIKELY

 My contemporary romance, THE GIRL MOST LIKELY, is on sale for .99 cents until January 22. Pick up your e-copy of this May/December romance with a twist!

Cara McLeod, the girl most likely to have the perfect marriage, is now divorced and, in her own words, “fat, frumpy, and over forty.” The thought of facing former classmates—and the ex-husband who dumped her—at her high school reunion terrifies her. Cajoled into attending by her kids and her best friend, Cara enlists help at the gym to lose weight and look great for the reunion. Personal Trainer Finn Cooper is more than willing to help—but does he have to be so to-die-for gorgeous?

Finn thinks Cara is perfect just the way she is. She’s everything he wants in a woman, except for one thing—she can’t get past the fact that he's eight years younger. To Finn, age and weight are just numbers. But can he convince Cara the numbers she worries about add up to only one thing for him—love?


“I think you’re beautiful. You know that, don’t you?”

No, she really didn’t know that, but she nodded anyway. What happened when he woke up one morning and realized that she had a few more lines on her face? Would he still think she was beautiful or would he tire of her, just as Peter had? 

“Are you sorry about last night?” 

Her head rose sharply. He looked away, not meeting her gaze. However mixed up she felt this morning, she couldn’t let Finn believe he’d somehow failed her. Setting her mug on the night table on her side of the bed, she caressed his unshaven cheek.

“Of course I’m not sorry. I loved our night together. Don’t mind me, Finn. I’m in a mood this morning.”

He tugged at her sheet once more. “Then let go of the sheet and let me hold you before I have to go.”

Cara held her sheet tighter. It was one thing to get undressed in the dark and another to let him see her body in the cruel light of day. “No, please. I’d rather not.”

Would he look at her in the cold morning light and see all her imperfections, her scars, her forty-three years of living? Would he look at her and want to trade her in for a newer model?

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Friday, January 15, 2021

#NewRelease - GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE by Cynthia Terelst

 Cynthia Terelst is my guest today and she's here with a brand new release, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. Love the title! Cynthia is offering a giveaway, so make sure you enter. Thank you for being here, Cynthia!


Get off Your High Horse
Love Down Under Book 3
by Cynthia Terelst
Genre: Contemporary Royal Romance

When two opposites collide, will their differences ignite a spark or send them into turmoil?

Frankie and Sebastian live totally different lives. Lives that are entwined through polo, the sport of kings.

Frankie’s a country girl, working hard toward her dream of turning the family farm around. She needs to endure one more polo season to make that happen. She has no interest in high society or the rich, arrogant riders she has to deal with, especially Sebastian. Her heart may be softening to his charm, openness and love of working with horses, but her brain won’t be convinced. She looks forward to her summer break on the farm, away from him, until her parents decide to invite Sebastian to stay.

Sebastian descends from royalty. Rich and arrogant come with his family title. But that status is something he’d rather avoid, just like he avoids returning home to a life he doesn’t want. Sebastian sees a freedom in Frankie he wishes he had. Her life is full of love, family and horses; something he can only dream of. And her, he can dream of her. But a dream is all it will be, seeing as Frankie does her best to avoid him.

If only he can convince her to look past his title, and see that his hopes and dreams aren’t so different from hers.


“Princes have many talents I’m sure you’re not aware of.”

“Such as?” She turned to face me; her body so close I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest.

“We like to roll around under the covers as well.”

“Is that so?” Her breath brushed against my lips. Her body pushed against mine, sending electricity through me. I imagined her standing there in her lace bra and matching knickers. I wrapped one arm around her back pulling her tightly against me. The other cupped the back of her head, tangled in her pony tail. Her lips met mine and opened and I sought out her tongue. Her hands found their way around my back and held tight.

I couldn’t let her go. I wouldn’t. I’d wanted to kiss her like this for months. This was so much better than what I’d imagined. My erection pressed against her. I deepened the kiss, holding her tight. She sighed into my mouth.

I shouldn’t have kissed her. I shouldn’t have invited her down the road of misery I would soon be facing. Only one of us should have a broken heart.

Cynthia Terelst is a project officer by day and a writer by night. She is a contemporary romance writer who likes to share a little bit of history, some Australian scenery and a whole lotta love. Cynthia does not shy away from difficult topics, as she feels that they should not be ignored.

She lives in Queensland, Australia, where the sun shines at least 283 days a year.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

#NewRelease-THE QUEEN OFF EMERALD FALLS by J.J. DiBenedetto

 J.J. DiBenedetto is showing off his new release, THE QUEEN OF EMERALD FALLS, on my blog today. Don't forget to enter J.J.'s giveaway. Welcome!


The Queen of Emerald Falls
by J.J. DiBenedetto
Genre: Romantic Comedy

She's spontaneous, passionate and has a habit of mangling the English language.

He's calm and controlled and always has the perfect thing to say in every situation.

If their differing personalities were the only obstacle, they'd probably have smooth sailing. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple in the town of Emerald Falls, and life keeps throwing curveballs at Sheryl Jones and Dr. Jon Hardy.

If they're going to find true love, they'll have to deal with Sheryl's archenemy trying to destroy her business, and Jon's interfering brother showing up to try and ruin his life. And then there's the vindictive daughter of the richest man in town, not to mention a stolen vintage Rolls Royce.

Can this star-crossed couple fight their way past all the obstacles and make their way back to each other without losing their jobs, their sanity or going bankrupt in the meantime?

Romantic comedy fans will love this quirky mix of "How I Met Your Mother" and a daytime soap opera.

Who designed your book covers?

 The cover for “The Queen of Emerald Falls” was designed by Rachel Rossano (, who’s an author in her own right as well as a talented designer.

I initially worked with her to redesign the covers for another series of mine, the Jane Barnaby Adventures, and she did an amazing job, so I went to her again for this book.

I’m thrilled with her work, and what makes her really great to work with is, since she’s an author herself, she already knows what readers are looking for and how to create an original design that also fits what readers are looking for in each genre.

Another reason the covers are so good is that I didn’t really direct her, which is a lesson I learned with my very first book.  I worked with a very talented artist who hand-painted the cover to my specifications, and it was beautiful…and totally not right for the genre or reader expectations.  It was a hard lesson but a valuable one!

She might be gone, but she was still everywhere, in every room of the Chalet.  The place itself was a reminder of her; she’d been the one to recommend it to him when he’d grown tired of that wretched temporary apartment near the university.  

The kitchen provided no relief from thoughts of her.  The marble island brought back memories of Sheryl’s disastrous attempt to make French toast.  A glance at the espresso machine called to mind the night she’d somehow caused it to spew hot coffee all over the floor.  He still didn’t know how she’d managed that; according to the manufacturer, it was physically impossible for the machine to do what she’d made it do.

She’d made over his living room against his will, defiled his kitchen, done unspeakable things to the finest espresso machine money could buy, driven him to distraction in more ways than he could count - and yet, if she were to come walking back through his front door, Jon knew he’d most likely forget all that and kiss her as though both their lives depended on it.

He could call her.  It would be the easiest thing in the world.  And didn’t he tell his patients that most of the obstacles they complained about were of their own making, that they had the power to overcome them, that - usually, anyway - all they really had to do was get out of their own way?

He did.  And it was absolutely true.  It was also - as so many of those patients remarked at the end of sessions - far easier to tell someone else to do, than to do it oneself.

J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve university, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then.
He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.
J.J. is the author of the Dream Doctor Mysteries, the Jane Barnaby Adventures and several other works.

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D.V. Stone and The Agent Carter series: Middle Grade Books

I'm happy to welcome back author D.V. Stone. I thought D.V. was strictly a romance writer, but it turns out she has other hidden talents. The Mystery at High Pointe Tower is her second book in the Agent Carter series for Middle Grade readers. Welcome D.V., and congrats on your new release!

The Agent Carter Series backstory

Several years ago, while enjoying a Christmas concert, my young nephew crawled over several laps to get to me. 

“Do you write books,” he asked.

I replied, “I do.”

“Then I want you to write one about me.” He propped his chin in his hand. “And I want to ride a motorcycle and have a long mustache.”


I never thought about being a writer of mid-grade books, but here we are at my second release. I hope you enjoy reading about Agent Carter and his cohorts. If you sign up for my newsletter, you can get the link to download the first Agent Sam Carter, The Mystery At Branch Lake


D.V. Shares Five of Her Favorite Things:

1. Favorite author? In Juvenile fiction, it would be JK Rowling, The Harry Potter series, in a horse race with Christopher Paolini of the Inheritance Cycle and C.S. Lewis the Chronicles of Narnia.

2. Water, pop or juice? Can I admit to Yoohoo?

3. Movies: romantic comedies, thriller, or horror? Got a different favorite? I am a total Avengers Geek with Guardians of the Galaxy as my favorite.

4. Chocolate or caramel? Uhm, neither I’m a vanilla lover

5. Country life or city life? I love the great outdoors. We are Glampers and love to travel. So country, definitely.

Agent Sam Carter 

Book 2

The Mystery At High Pointe Tower

Join the gang in the second Agent Sam Carter series. Sam’s camping vacation is canceled. Strange happenings at the High Pointe Tower are going to take all his wits and skill to save the world from its latest threat. The convergence of the Dragon Aurora and volcanic eruption tears a hole between the dimensions trapping a paranormal creature on earth side. But as usual, nothing is as it first appears.

Goodreads Giveaway

Author Bio:

 D. V. Stone is a multi-genre author, both traditional and independently published. A weekly blog host of Welcome to the Campfire and A Peek Through the Window. She reviews books and shares her favorites in a monthly newsletter.

D. V. is a full-time employee in a medical office, wife to an amazing husband, mother to one son, and not your average grandma to three beautiful grands. A woman of faith, she trusts and believes in God.

When not behind the wheel of my camper, 2Hoots—a 41 foot long 13.2 feet high 5th Wheel, she tools around Northern New Jersey in her white Camaro named Snowball. Her greatest pleasures are spending time outside with friends and family, cooking over the open fire, owls, and reading.

Hali, her rescue dog, always reminds everyone, “Woof, woof.” Which is loosely translated. Support your local animal rescue.


You can find out more about D. V. by following her on Social Media

Website  Amazon Author Page  Facebook  Twitter   Instagram

Pinterest          Bookbub        Goodreads      Newsletter




Welcome to the Campfire Blog          Peek Through the Window    


Books by

D. V. Stone

Rainbow Sprinkles

After the storm come the rainbows.

Amazon  Barnes & Noble   iBook’s


Rock House Grill

One man’s choices. One woman’s Impact

Amazon           Barnes & Noble          iBook’s      Google Books      Kobo


Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar

One foolish thought. One brutal act. Instead of a peaceful alliance––war.


Agent Sam Carter and the Mystery at Branch Lake

Amazon - The Mystery At Branch Lake

Agent Sam Carter and the Mystery At High Pointe Tower

A Mid-grade paranormal

  Amazon - High Pointe Tower


Contributing Author

Australia Burns


Friday, December 18, 2020

#NewRelease from Glenda Thompson - BROKEN TOYS

Glenda Thompson makes a return visit to my blog with BROKEN TOYS, her thriller from The Wild Rose Press which just released on December 16, 2020. She's back to tell us her reasons for writing about human trafficking. She also shares a little about her favorite things in FAST FIVE. Please welcome Glenda Thompson!

I have two messages in Broken Toys. The first is to bring awareness to human trafficking. It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. We need to be more observant of our surroundings. Keep an eye on our children, our friends, and family. Keep everyone safe. We need to trust our guts. Yes, that kid throwing a fit may be just having a temper tantrum, but he or she might be in the process of being snatched as well. Teenagers make easy targets for “Romeos” who sweep them off their feet making them believe they are “in love.” If it doesn’t feel right to you, say something. Especially in today’s environment of everyone wearing masks. It’s so easy for a child to disappear in a split moment.

 The second message is to be true to yourself. Own your identity. Be who you are meant to be. Don’t be afraid you have to pretend to be someone else to be loved. If you love yourself, others will love you, too.

Broken Toys is my first published novel. I have a drawer full of partially finished manuscripts so I would have to say I’m most excited that I finally finished it. LOL. For most of my life, I have had two goals. To see my art hanging in a gallery and to have a book traditionally published. I have now achieved both.


Favorite color? The green-blues of the ocean

Beach vacation or sightseeing in the city? Beach

Pie or cake? Yes, please

Bubble baths or steamy showers? Bubble baths

Country life or city life? Country without a doubt


Broken Toys is a bumpy ride down a twisting red dirt road.

Texas Ranger Noah Morgan has his life together—with a great job and the girl of his dreams. Too bad it's all based on a lie. A single phone call threatens to bring it all crashing down. After an irate citizen complains shoddy workmanship has left him with a booby-trapped driveway, and the local sheriff's office is too busy to respond, Noah takes the call. The investigation of local scam artists uncovers a human trafficking ring, Noah fights to avoid being swept back into the sights of his murderous family—people he escaped at the age of seventeen.

Can he keep his past a secret or will his carefully crafted life come to a violent end?


“While we wait for the mobile crime scene lab to arrive  from Austin, I need you to sign this consent-to-search form. Next, Ranger Trammell and I will photograph the scene to preserve it in situ—as it currently is.” 

“Now you wait one cotton-picking minute,” the old man growled. “How long will all that take? What if I don’t want to sign your verdammt form? I need my car. The old lady has several doctors’ appointments in San Antonio this afternoon.” 

Noah lifted his hat again and brushed sweat off his forehead before it rolled into his eyes. “Tell you what. Sign this piece of paper giving us permission to search your driveway, and as soon as we finish the photography, Ranger Trammell and I will change your tire. Then you can pull your car out of the driveway. If you don’t sign it, we will have to find a judge and get a warrant. Going the warrant route will delay things considerably.” Noah shrugged. “The choice is yours. Either way it goes, you won’t be able to pull back in for some time. We’re going to have to tape off your driveway and process it as a crime scene. Is there somewhere you could stay for a few days?” 

“Crime scene?” Mr. Schmidt crumpled as if he’d been kicked in the solar plexus. Bewilderment flooded his features. For the first time since the rangers arrived, the man looked old. “My driveway is a crime scene?” 

“I’m afraid so, sir,” Noah said, using the tone he reserved for scared kids, grieving family members and sagging old men who hadn’t tasted sweet tea in more than sixty years. “Hip implants, bits of bone and teeth are not normally used for road base. It looks like someone may have disposed of a body in your driveway.”

Buy Links:

Amazon   iBooks   B & N

Author Bio:

A sixth-generation Texan with Scottish roots, Glenda Thompson can 'bless your heart' with the best of them. As a former emergency medical technician married to a south Texas Lawman, she's used insider information from both their careers as inspiration to build her Broken world of Texas Rangers with hidden pasts and dark secrets. 

When she's not busy embarrassing her children or grandchildren by dancing in the middle of a country road during a rainstorm, she can be found huddled in her writing cave with her law enforcement technical adviser/husband working on another story in her Broken universe. 

You can keep up with the future crazy cat lady's hi-jinks at or follow her on Twitter @PressRattler or Facebook @Glenda Thompson, Author.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Pet Rescue Romance Series from Gayle Irwin

Author Gayle Irwin makes a return visit to talk about her Pet Rescue Romance series. Gayle knows all about pet rescue because she lives it. She's tells us how her two passions - writing and rescue - intersect in this series. Please welcome Gayle Irwin!

For the rest of this month each book is on sale for .99 cents!

 Setting and Theme – Writing What I Know

I’ve been a traveler since childhood. My dad always ensured we enjoyed a summer family vacation, whether near to our home or hundreds of miles away. I’m not a jetsetter: I don’t fly around the world, but I enjoy driving to and visiting places, especially America’s national parks. 

One of my favorite parks is Yellowstone, which is found in the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Therefore, when I decided to write romance novels, the setting for my books became what is known as The Greater Yellowstone Area, incorporating those three states (I still have Idaho to write about, but that’s a future book!).

Two of the three books released thus far as part of my Pet Rescue Romance series are set in this area: Rescue Road, the first novel which released in November 2019, is set in southwestern Montana; the second book, a novella called Finding Love at Compassion Ranch, is set near Cody, Wyoming, just west of Yellowstone National Park. The third book, which released last month, is a holiday novella prequel called Rhiann’s Rescue; the story mentions Yellowstone and Montana. The premise of the prequel and the novel revolves around the relationship between a mid-aged granddaughter and her 80-year-old grandmother; “Grams” was raised in Montana and desires to return, and the granddaughter, Rhiann, wants to start a rescue animal sanctuary. Finding Love at Compassion Ranch brings in the other granddaughter, Rhiann’s older sister, Erin, who also helps rescue animals by volunteering at Compassion Ranch and meeting someone she knew in high school.

Not only do I frequently spend time in Yellowstone (I live in Wyoming and had also lived in Montana), but I visit animal sanctuaries such as the one described in Finding Love at Compassion Ranch. The fictional rescue ranch is based on a real place called Kindness Ranch, found in eastern Wyoming. In Rhiann’s Rescue, an organization called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is mentioned; this is a nationally-known group and sanctuary in southern Utah. I have traveled – and stayed – at both Kindness and Best Friends, and one day hope to return.

Traveling, writing, and pet rescue and adoption are my top passions. My own animals have been, are, and will be, rescue pets. My husband and I drove to other states for our last two rescue dogs; not always can we find what we’re looking for locally. So, travel is not always for fun; it can be to save lives. One way I help rescue groups in my area is by transporting dogs and cats either into rescue or to adoptive families. I once drove more than 250 miles one way to bring a dog to his family, and another time, I traveled 500 miles, to Yellowstone in fact, to bring a rescue dog into his forever home. I turned that transport into a short vacation for myself and my own rescue dog. Additionally, I help such organizations by donating a percentage of book sales to them for the care and work they do.

Rescued animals provide love and loyalty, and therefore, I can easily weave such dogs, cats, horses, and other creatures into my romance stories. Because of my travel, I also weave places I enjoy into my stories. Discover, or re-discover, amazing places like Yellowstone and Saguaro National Parks in my books! For the rest of this month, all three of my e-books in the series are discounted to just .99 cents. Additionally, a free short story, also a prequel to the series titled Gram’s Legacy, is available on Amazon.

Book Description for Rescue Road (the first full novel in the series):

Freelance writer Rhiann Kelly shelved romance for years. Her dream of starting an animal sanctuary takes deep roots after finding the perfect location in southwestern Montana and purchasing the property for back taxes. Emergency medical technician Levi Butler knows his elderly friend left the ranch to him in his will. Levi anxiously awaits the probate to be complete so he can plan his retirement and begin his dream of raising and selling horses. When Rhiann and Levi find each other at the ranch simultaneously, sparks fly - and not the romantic kind. Yet their mutual attraction deepens, especially after Levi finds Rhiann injured in an accident. Meantime, land developer Dallas Patterson sets his sights on charming Rhiann to obtain the land. Can Rhiann and Levi work together to detour Patterson and find a solution in which neither needs to give up their dream, or will the fence line of their hearts – and the property - separate them forever? Can their broken paths weave their hearts together as they travel the rescue road?

Excerpt from Rescue Road:

 Rhiann stood on the porch of the mid-century ranch house. Cup of coffee in hand, she watched the blazing orange sunrise. Streamers of light cascaded on the mountains west of the property, casting a rosy glow on the rocks and patches of snow upon the higher elevation. October’s morning danced with the browning grasses of the nearby pastures as touches of frost shimmered upon tan sprigs surrounding the house. Overhead, a flock of Canada geese in traditional V formation honked as they winged their way south. 

Rhiann observed them and whispered, “We have something in common. We’re starting over.” 


As he drove closer to the ranch house, Levi noticed a small, red dual-cab pickup parked near the building. His eyes squinted. He remembered seeing a similar vehicle at the Twin Bridges Campground yesterday. He parked next to the truck.

“Who in the world could that be?” he murmured as he exited his pickup.

He looked at the license plate. He didn’t remember George knowing anyone from Washington state. He saw a heart-shaped sticker on the side. Levi scowled. He meandered to the driver’s side and saw the “Rescue Road” emblem. 

“Can’t be,” he muttered.

He looked up when he heard the front door of the house slam. He stared.

“What are you doing here?” he and Rhiann asked simultaneously.



 Rhiann couldn’t believe her eyes. Left hand on her hip and straw broom in her right, she glared at the man she had met yesterday.

 “Well?” she questioned, looking Levi in the eye. “Answer my question. What are you doing on my ranch?”

“Your what? YOUR ranch? This is my land,” he snapped.

“Uh, unless your last name is Kelly or McCallister, I don’t think so.”

Levi stalked toward the front porch. Rhiann took a step back. She looked into his smoldering gray eyes as he said, “George Nelson left this place to me. Just who are you to come claim it as yours?”

Before she could respond, he rushed on, “Are you related to George? I didn’t think he had any kids or grandkids. Are you a niece or something?”

Rhiann shook her head. “I didn’t know Mr. Nelson. I’m the granddaughter of Mary Martha McAllister. She was born here, in that log cabin over there.”

She pointed to the two-room dwelling to her right.

“That’s my house,” Levi said.

She detected the curt tone, and she responded in kind.

“I don’t know why you keep saying you own this property. That cabin, this place, has been mine for nearly four months and was in my family for two generations. I’m just now getting here after settling the back taxes.”

Levi’s face blanched. “Back taxes? What are you talking about?” 

At that moment, his cell phone rang. She watched him pull the device from a back pocket of his jeans. He turned away from her.

“Mr. Williamson, Yes, this is Levi Butler. You have news for me?” He paused in his conversation. “I see.”

Rhiann continued observing him. He gradually turned toward her. His eyes darkened, and his teeth clenched. Rhiann took a step back, holding the broom in both hands. I’ll swing this thing at his head if he takes one more step.

“Yes, yes, I’ve met her. In fact, I’m looking at her right now.”

His icy statement sent chills up Rhiann’s spine.


Levi gripped the cell phone tighter. His mind tried to process the words spoken by George’s attorney. A few moments later, he said, “I see. Not the news I expected to hear but thanks for letting me know.”

He clicked off and stared at Rhiann. He noticed she held the broom as if to fend off an attacker. He wanted to punch something but knew he couldn’t. He took a deep breath and clenched a fist. He exhaled a ragged breath. A moment of silence ticked by. Levi inhaled again, trying to steady himself. As he released the air and unclenched his fist, he spoke in a terse, but controlled tone. 

“Someone who knows nothing about this place, it’s history, or the man who lived here … I guess it’s yours after all.”

Levi stalked to his pickup and jumped into the driver’s seat. He backed the Chevy toward the Y junction and stomped the accelerator. He heard a large spray of gravel as the truck tires dug in, and he drove from the house.

Purchasing Information:

Rescue Road is available in e-book format for .99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The novel is also available in print format from Amazon.


Barnes & Noble:

Finding Love at Compassion Ranch, which is a novella which released in May 2020, is available in e-book format for .99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is also available in print format from Amazon.


Barnes & Noble:

I provided the purchase information for the recently released holiday novella that’s part of the series, Rhiann’s Rescue, on Jana’s blog last month. This book is also available as an e-book for only .99 cents and is available in print format from Amazon as well.


Other Platforms:

Gram’s Legacy, the free short story series prequel, is available as an e-book only on many platforms:


Other Platforms, including Barnes & Noble and Kobo:

Author Bio:

Gayle M. Irwin is an award-winning author and freelance writer, being recognized by Wyoming Writers, Inc., and the Wyoming Press Association for several of her works. She is a contributor to seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books and the author of many inspirational pet books and stories for both children and adults. She subtly weaves important life lessons within the lines and pages of her stories, including friendship, courage, and the importance of pet rescue and adoption. An animal advocate, Gayle volunteers for various dog rescue and humane society organizations and donates a percentage of all book sales to such groups. Learn more about the author, her writing endeavors, and her pets, and receive free stories and resources by visiting her website:

Follow Gayle on Social:

Facebook Author Page:

Pinterest (under Waggin' Tales): 

Twitter: wyoauthor1 

Author Website:

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