Tuesday, September 8, 2020

#MFRWSteam FIRST AND AGAIN by Jana Richards

Welcome to the #MFRWSteam Blog Hop! Today I'm offering an excerpt from my contemporary small town romance FIRST AND AGAIN. This is a story about first love and learning that yes, you can go home again!


Bridget Grant is back in Paradise. Paradise, North Dakota, that is.

She’s swallowed her pride and moved back to her hometown with her daughter after her divorce and the loss of her catering company. Now she’s trying to navigate the strained relationships she’d left behind – including her first love, Jack Davison.

Jack never forgot Bridget, or the day she left town – and him. When Bridget caters a lunch at Jack’s tourist ranch, old flames reignite. They have more in common than ever – Jack’s also a single parent. Though they both try to keep things casual, Bridget, Jack and their girls are starting to look a lot like a family.

But Bridget’s only planning to stay in Paradise until she’s saved enough to relaunch her business. Jack’s invested too much in his ranch to leave. And with their daughters involved both have a lot more at stake than heartbreak. How can they risk falling in love?


He grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs and into his room. Once there, he closed the door and started pulling her sweater over her head. When he’d removed the sweater to reveal the bra underneath, he went suddenly still and then emitted a low whistle.


She smiled. “You like?”

“What’s not to like?” He ran one finger under the strap of her red satin bra. “A beautiful woman wearing sexy underwear. I’m all for that.”

“And you’ve only seen half of the ensemble.”

“You mean there’s more?”

“Oh yeah.” She unfastened her jeans, enjoying the way he watched her every move. “I decided to give the white cotton granny panties the boot.”

He took a ragged breath. “Did you?”

“Mmm.” Pushing her jeans past her hips, she let them fall to the floor. She stood before him in only her bra and matching red satin panties. “What do you think? Good investment?”

“I don’t know,” he said reaching for her. “Seems like a waste to spend all that money on something I’m just going to rip off you.”

“Don’t you dare rip my new underwear!” She scooted around to the other side of the bed, laughing. “Let’s be civilized about this.”

“Civilized? Are you kidding?” He jumped across the bed, capturing her in his arms.  “I’ve had a permanent hard-on since the last time we were together. If I don’t take you soon, I might do serious injury to myself.”

She wound her arms around his neck. “We can’t have that. You don’t need to be gentle with me, just my underwear.”

He grinned and gave her a kiss. “It’s a deal.”

He carefully unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders, laying it gently on the night table. Then he kissed his way down her chest, her breasts and across her stomach, dropping to his knees in front of her. Pulling down the scrap of red satin to reveal the nest of curls at the apex of her thighs, he leaned forward to place a kiss there. She clutched at his shoulders and moaned.

“Jack, oh God!”

He flicked his tongue inside and around her most sensitive spot, wrenching exquisite sensations from her. She pushed his head closer, wanting, needing him. The pressure began to build inside her until she suddenly exploded. Only Jack’s strong arms kept her from toppling over.

When the tremors stopped, he got quickly to his feet and stripped off his clothes, sheathing himself with a condom. She collapsed onto the bed, her knees too weak to support her any longer. Jack reached for her hand.

“Not the bed, sweetheart. Not this time.”

She let him lead her across the room with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. But she trusted him completely. Whatever he had planned, she knew he would never hurt her.

He pushed her against a wall and kissed her, his tongue hot and wet as it plunged into her mouth. She loved the taste of him, a combination of coffee with sugar and mint toothpaste. His scent filled her head with a heady mixture of spicy aftershave and the cold outdoors. His penis pushed against her stomach, and suddenly nothing else mattered but that he was inside her, and quickly.

Jack placed his hands under her buttocks and lifted her. With two fingers, she guided him inside her. He filled her completely, pushing at all her boundaries. It felt almost as if he could break right through her. The thought was frightening and exhilarating. Instinct made her wrap her legs tightly around his waist.

He braced himself, pushing her against the wall. With each thrust, he seemed to go deeper inside her. She madly pushed back, their frenzied coupling building to a crescendo. A moment later he cried out his release. She followed him into the abyss, descending into a vortex of sensation where only he existed. She clung blindly to him as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.

Finally the spasms ended and he carried her to the bed, laying her down and collapsing next to her. He flung one arm over his eyes.

“Next time you go to the city, buy some more of that underwear. Damn fine investment.”

She chuckled. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I’m looking to build my portfolio.”

He made a noise that sounded like something between a grunt and a laugh. “You keep building your portfolio like that and you’ll put me in an early grave. But I’d least I’d die with a smile on my face.”

“Always happy to oblige.”

She lay on her side and watched him. A moment later his breathing deepened and she knew he’d fallen asleep. She resisted the urge to touch his face, not wanting to wake him.

Making love with Jack was the most amazing thing she’d ever experienced. And the laughter they shared made their time together so special.

She was afraid that was where it ended for him:  great sex and good laughs. But for her, being with Jack was more than just the physical. Her emotions became part of the equation the first time they made love.

Would their relationship ever move beyond the physical for Jack?

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  1. "You don’t need to be gentle with me, just my underwear.”

    You demonstrate beautifully that eroticism doesn't necessarily rule out humor.

    1. I love humor in at least some love scenes. I think it shows how close the lovers are.

  2. Love their byplay. I'd say he's enchanted by her, so I'm curious why she thinks he's only after sex and a good laugh. Makes me want to know more.

    1. I'm glad you want to learn more. I hope a lot of readers do!

  3. Hmm...never thought of lingerie as an investment. I wonder if Hubs would see it that way.

    1. Tell your hubs it's well worth the money! Thanks for stopping by, Sadira.

  4. Mmm-mm, passionate lovemaking against the wall... oh yes! Is she protecting herself from heartbreak by thinking he only wants great sex?

  5. Portfolio of underwear - brilliant.

  6. I love the playful, sexual banter between them.