Thursday, October 19, 2017

Christmas Sweaters - A Heartwarming Holiday

I'm very happy to host Cheryl Harper today. Cheryl is part of A Heartwarming Holiday, a boxed set of 10 sweet romances written by Harlequin Heartwarming authors. And all this for only .99 cents! My friend Liz Flaherty from the Word Wranglers blog is also part of this group, so I'm especially happy to spread the news about their new boxed set. Welcome, Cheryl!

Time to Don Your Christmas Sweater by Cheryl Harper

I admit that that extra cheer in the air around Christmas leads me to make some otherwise suspect fashion choices. That pair of bright green earrings roughly the size of saucers? Gotta wear ‘em, even if they clash with my Monday-Friday business casual. Cartoon reindeers with red noses make perfect sense on the front of my sweater. Holiday dogs work on socks and ornaments and office supplies. And there’s no other time of year that I wear that many jingle bells, you know?
Tell me about your favorite festive fashion. Got a beloved sweatshirt that enters regular rotation the day after Thanksgiving?

Something about the season changes hearts and fashion. My heroine, Dara, in Finding His Fiancée by Christmas is not immune to the call of the Christmas sweater, even if her preference is for a little edge and a lot of black attire. The town’s spirit is softening her heart…just in time for the man responsible for the hard outer shell to roll back into her life. Here. Meet Dara for yourself:


 “Excuse me. What time do you open?” a harried elderly man shouted from his spot on the sidewalk. He was standing so close to the door that his breath created a fog on the glass. He fidgeted in place as he waited for her answer.

Spreadsheets were never that pushy.

“Nine o’clock.” Same as always. Dara turned to look pointedly up at the antique clock hanging over her shoulder. “Fifteen minutes.”

He didn’t nod. Or wave. Or in any way pretend that he cared that she should be setting up the register or enjoying the last few minutes of peace and quiet in the store before the frenzy hit.

This was what she deserved for falling prey to the Christmas spirit. She’d been the one to approve three different requests for time off. Lucky people who wanted to spend time with their families were doing that while she faced down pushy shoppers.

Today the frenzy was worse, thanks to the amount of snow in the forecast.

Her gusty sigh echoed through the first floor.

 “Not long now,” Ren Monroe said as she breezed past with a handful of designs for her corner of the store. “Want to help me get these set up before you open the door?” As Ren paused in front of the cash register, a woman marched up and banged on the glass, her face intent and set in “I can see you in there” mode.

“Or you and I could both go out the back door and let them have the store.” Ren held up a hand at the crowd that now included two women with strollers. “I’m too young to die.” Over their heads, Dara could see the store’s best salesperson and both of the college students she’d hired as seasonal help approaching.

“We aren’t alone.” Dara marched over to the door. “We have backup.” And all of them were smiling as if the crowds were good news. That was why she’d stuck it out here in Christmas Town, those smiles. Slowly, they were changing her. She’d bought two more sweaters with bells on them last week, and the quiet music she made as she marched through the store made her happy.

Were both sweaters black? Yes. She hadn’t forgotten who she was.


Dara Allen has retreated to Christmas Town in order to hide from a broken heart. Life there has softened some of her edges without changing her style. When ex-NYC cop Carter Howe follows her, they’ll have to come to terms with what’s true, what matters, and messages from a friend.

About the Author:

Cheryl Harper discovered her love for books and words as a little girl, thanks to a mother who made countless library trips and an introduction to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House stories. Now she spends her days searching for the right words while she stares out the window and her dog snoozes beside her.

This holiday season, warm your heart with 10 connected sweet, clean & wholesome holiday romances set in Christmas Town from 10 Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today bestselling authors.

This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are all set in Christmas Town, Maine, a location introduced in the 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually.

A Heartwarming Holiday will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-afters (no cliffhangers), for more than 1000 pages.

Santa's Secret Heart by Anna Adams
Merry Christmas Carol by Melinda Curtis
Miracle on Joyful Street by Liz Flaherty
Finding His Fiancée by Christmas by Cheryl Harper
The Christmas Window by Tara Randel
Mistletoe and Holly by Leigh Riker
Gingerbread Girl by Carol Ross
The Christmas List by Anna J Stewart
A Case for Christmas Magic by Amy Vastine
Jingle Bell Love by Cari Lynn Webb



  1. Don't have any special apparel at Christmas.

  2. Nothing special for Christmas time.

  3. No really special sweater but I do wear my most comfy sweater!

  4. As silly as it is my mother in laws sister made Christmas collars that tie in the front for my girls in the 90s. We wear it once during the season just for sentimental reasons.

  5. I love Christmas sweatshirts and wear them an embarrassingly long time through the holidays.

  6. I used to wear a lot of Christmas sweaters, but not since getting MS--if I get overheated, it brings on my primary symptoms. I even have to be careful about sweatshirts, but I do still wear a few Christmas ones. I have a Christmas purse I got at a craft show about 20 yrs. ago--it's still in perfect shape and I always get compliments on it. legallyblonde1961 at yahoo dot com.