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In the Spotlight: Elaine Violette & The Diary of Narcissa Dunn

Historical author Elaine Violette is my guest today with her new release THE DIARY OF NARCISSA DUNN. Please join me in welcoming her!

Scandalous secrets discovered in an old diary could shatter Olivia's identity and destroy her family. Will it be its finder or a messenger from the grave who reveals its hidden truths?

Thank you for the kind invitation to tell your readers about my newest eBook, THE DIARY OF NARCISSA DUNN, to be released on May 1st and presently available for pre-order on Amazon and KOBO.  When I first began writing novels, they were strictly British romances, always my favorite to read. Perhaps because I love to travel, I sent my heroine in my third book, A KISS OF PROMISE, on a harrowing journey across the ocean to Boston. In THE DIARY OF NARCISSA DUNN, the setting is 1800s New England and deals with societal issues as two men vie for the same woman for different reasons.  My inspiration for THE DIARY OF NARCISSA DUNN came from a morning walk in a cemetery. After reading a compelling and captivating epitaph on an old gravestone, I knew I had to write a novel based on the message.  No spoilers!  I hope readers will be captivated as well.


THE DIARY OF NARCISSA DUNN is a ghostly love story that combines historical romance with paranormal elements. Set in New England, pre-Civil War, the story reveals the complex relationship between a father and daughter as he attempts to control her future. When Olivia’s father tries to force her into an unwanted marriage, mysterious events occur, leaving the family on edge.
Meanwhile, Benjamin Pratt, desperately in love with Olivia, discovers an old diary that exposes scandalous secrets. He becomes an unwilling messenger, torn between revealing truths that will shatter Olivia’s identity and destroy her family, or keep the secret and watch her marry another. Either way, he’s bound to lose her unless a mysterious woman intervenes.

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     “William believes it is God’s will we marry. He’s already talked to Father and received his blessing. What was I to say?  Do I even have a voice in the matter?”

     Lovena’s large bosom lifted and sagged as she exhaled a troubling sigh. “You been spending time with Mr. Tapley, goin’ for walks and carriage rides. Didn’t you plan to go with him to the spring dance the town been plannin’ after Easter?  In his mind, you and him were courtin’ in a respectful way.”

     “Most of the time he was conversing with Father.” Olivia’s shoulders slumped. Had she led him to believe she was expecting a proposal? “I admit I was flattered by his attentions at first, but I hadn’t considered our relationship went beyond friendship…until recently.”

     “A man’s attentions to a pretty young woman ain’t never a desire for only friendship.”

     “I hadn’t meant to lead him into thinking I’d want to marry him.” She covered her face with her hands.

     Lovena pushed out a chair and sat beside her. “I think you been enjoyin’ Mr. Tapley’s attentions until the Pratt boy started showin’ up.”

     Olivia couldn’t deny it. At first she was flattered by William’s desire to spend time with her but deeper feelings hadn’t grown, despite the time they spent together. Even his kisses were forgettable. It was so different with Ben. Her heart leaped in her chest the minute she saw him arrive to begin his work. Her body tingled into the depth of her womb when they were together.

     Lovena wiped away a tear that rolled down Olivia’s cheek. “We can’t control those feelin’s inside, Livie, when the right boy stirs ‘em up.”

     “What am I to do?” she pleaded. “Father will understand, won’t he? He can’t expect me to marry a man I could never love.”

* * * * *
Author Bio:

Elaine writes British and American Historical Romances. Part of the fun of writing Historicals, she says, is doing research into the past and creating characters that live and love in those sometimes glorious and sometimes harrowing times. A veteran English teacher, Elaine holds a BS in English Education from the University of CT and an MS in Educational Leadership from Central CT State University. She presently teaches public speaking part time at a local community college. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and CT Romance Writers (CTRWA). Residing on the Connecticut shoreline with her golfing husband, Drew, she delights in being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Other favorite activities apart from reading and writing are nature walks, kayaking, and baking yummy desserts.

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