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Interviewing Kayelle Allen! #MFRWauthors

I'm very pleased to welcome Kayelle Allen to my blog. Kayelle is the founder of Marketing for Romance Writers, a Yahoo group dedicated to helping romance authors navigate the sometimes confusing world of book marketing. Kayelle is always willing to share her expertise with those of us not quite as savvy as she is. I've had the opportunity to guest on her blog Romance Lives Forever a few times, and it's a real treat to be able to invite her to hang out here on Journeys with Jana. Without further ado, please welcome Kayelle Allen!

What genre have you never written that you’d like to write?

Time travel. I think it would be fun to create a story based on traveling through time, but have never come up with a good enough plot to support one. Maybe some day. I've written scifi, scifi romance, non-fiction, contemporary holiday romances, and short works. So adding a new genre is something I'd like to try.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes. I wrote since I could make whole sentences. I finished my first novel at 18. Parts of it are in my Tarthian Empire series, but otherwise, it will never see the light of day. It was 400 pages of rambling. I am laser focused now.

Do you have any words of advice to beginning writers?

Don't quit. Don't let anyone steal your dream. Go for it. No one can write your story but you. There is a lot more advice I could give, but here's a place where you can get that just by asking a question. Marketing for Romance Writers

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I'm a plotser. I plot thoroughly, and then let the characters take over once I know the basics and the bones.

What do you hope readers gain from your stories?

I make a promise to every reader. I will give them a great roller coaster ride of a story that brings excitement, fun, and takes them in directions they didn't expect.

Do you write in the same place every day or do you like to change it up?

I write at my desk, but I come up with story ideas and scenes everywhere. I always carry something to write with or to record with.

What’s one thing that your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I am terrified of heights. I let very little stop me, however, and try to overcome my fears. But I acknowledge that one, because it's so strong. I'm also afraid of water and can't swim, but on vacation last week, I rode the ferry twice across the bay in San Francisco. If I want to do something, I will find a way to do it.

Tell us a bit about you. Where do you live, and how long have you been writing?

I live in the metro Atlanta area. I've been here since 1987. I have been published since 2004 but I've written all my life.

What genre is your favorite to read?

Regency romance and also highlander stories. I love them even though I would never write historical. I don't have the research background for it, and that would be important for me. I prefer to write contemporary and scifi.

Share a photo of your writing space, your pet, a favorite book, or something else that’s important to you.

This shows my con-wall -- with badges from various conventions I've attended. I want to redo this because they are getting out of hand, but it has a lot of my goodies and also gifts from fans and other writers. The doll is my muse. His name is Pietas, after one of my major characters. It was handmade for me.

What are two (or more) of your all-time favorite books in any genre?

Two fave books are The Persian Boy by Mary Renault, and Teot's War by Heather Gladney. I have re-read both of these multiple times. I am a huge fan of both authors. One is historical (ancient Greek) and the other is fantasy.

What do you like best about your hero in A Romance for Christmas?

Scott is a cop who walks a beat downtown in a small city. He's a widower with a 4-year-old daughter who is getting by with help from his parents. When he hears about the heroine's misfortune, he jumps into action to help her. He's honorable, and is careful not to take advantage of her.

What do you like best about your heroine in  A Romance for Christmas?

Over the last year, Dara has lost everything but her daughter. Her husband died, she had to sell everything of value in order to survive, and although things are looking up, it's Christmas and she has next to nothing to give. She's at the bottom, with no way to go but up. Although she's tired and depressed, she has never given up.

How do you choose the names and physical characteristics of your characters? Do you base them on real people?

I did for this book. I prepared a giveaway for everyone that shows just where the names came from. Download Peek Inside A Romance for Christmas and find out.

How can readers reach you or find you online?






Tell us a little about your current work in progress.

I'm currently working on a scifi book called Bringer of Chaos, about Pietas. He's the villain of my Tarthian Empire series, but he is redeemable. Some day maybe I'll write his forever-love story.

What’s your tagline? Why did you choose it?

My tagline is Unstoppable heroes, Uncompromising love, Unforgettable passion. I chose it because it best illustrated my various genres. However, I also use "When you're immortal, Romance Lives Forever." That is because my immortal characters are such a huge part of my writing.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?

I'd suggest you grab Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. It's a free book available on my website. It will give you a great peek at my style, and intro major characters in my Tarthian Empire series. To get a copy, go to


Kayelle Allen is a best-selling, award-winning author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.

Here's blurb and excerpt for A Romance for Christmas:

It's Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything Dara loves was lost. Everything but her little girl and a fierce determination to survive. When a cop brings Christmas to her door, he brings another gift she never expected to get.

Publisher: Romance Lives Forever Books
Genre: Sweet contemporary romance, holiday romance
Heat Rating: Sweet

"Mommy?" Christine's young voice broke in on her thoughts.

Dara put down the romance she'd been re-reading, the favorite she'd had since she was sixteen. She'd sold all her others at a yard sale the previous week. "What is it, sweetie?"

"Why don't we has a real tree for Chribmas?"

"Why don't we 'have'," she corrected. "Come sit by me." Dara patted the couch and tucked her chenille robe closer around her.

One arm around Matilda, her cloth doll, Christine climbed up and cuddled.

Matilda's going to need stuffing before long. Her head flopped forward, face against her flat chest. When did the lace on her dress get so ragged? Dara smoothed the doll's dress. "Remember when Daddy went home to heaven before Christmas last year?"

Christine knuckled her eyes and yawned. "I 'member."

"And then Mommy got hurt in the car accident and couldn't go to work?"

"Uh huh."

Dara took a deep breath. "Well, it meant there was no money for a real tree this year. But I'm sure Santa will still bring you presents." Gifts Dara bought by selling her entire collection of romance novels at a yard sale at her friend Sherilyn's house. "And we drew a tree, right?" She pointed at the crayon-bright drawing taped to the wall. Construction paper ornaments decorated each branch.

"But it doesn't smell like a Chribmas tree."

Dara hugged her. "I know, baby. I know."

"How will Santa leave his presents?" Christine pulled away and got on her knees. "He can't put them under the tree, Mommy."

"Oh, honey!" She ruffled her daughter's hair, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Santa will find a way." She leaned forward and kissed her little girl. "We should get you in bed so he can come. He can't leave presents while you're awake."

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